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Compound Interest Can Impact Major Purchases

Let’s look at how compound interest can affect our major purchases. We all like new things – new gadgets, new items for the house, and new cars. Sometimes we like them so much that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get them. This can include paying outrageous interest rates when we don’t have the cash.

Utilizing Your Reward Miles

Quite a few travelers really don’t care much for the reward miles that they gather on their travel tickets. They just keep accumulating it whenever an opportunity arises and are happy to order something in return from the company catalogue at the end of the year. There are quite a few business travelers who are more worried about collecting their mileage points when they travel than their work.

Initial Public Offering Basics For New Investors

When a privately held company goes public via an Initial Public Offering, it is one of the most significant milestones in the company’s entire history. The way it works is that the company issues share certificates to investors and gets listed on a chosen stock market. After the listing, the company’s shares can be traded on the market.

Tips on How Long to Keep Financial Records

When we talk about financial records, it could be anything from mere receipts and bills to credit card invoices, mortgage papers and loan data. Anything that has affected your cash inflow and outflow could be classified as a financial record. As such, how can you decide which ones o keep and for how long! It can be quite a hassle book keeping all those bills unless you hire an assistant to actually do that for you.

How to Be Self Sufficient Based on the Theory by Roberto Kiyosaki

Recently, I came across a small snippet, or say a part of the book from the Rich Dad Poor Dad series that caught my attention. It was actually crazy as I never thought that such a step taken could actually make you self sufficient if not rich. I was initially quite skeptical but as I thought deeper about it, it seemed to make perfect sense.

CFDs For More Flexible Online Stock Trading

Many investors are choosing CFDs as a flexible method of online trading. CFD trading is the perfect way to create a more diverse portfolio. Online trading is provided on many sites, on live prices. Traders do not have to experience any delays with stock market investing. A CFD is the order of the day. It is traded in an absolutely transparent way and on clean exchange prices.

How To Make Use Of 0 APR Balance Transfer

Zero percent balance carry-over deals could be the outstanding tool to reduce the rate of interest and utilized as portion of the charge card debt policy. All the same, there are some things that you’ve to be well aware of. The following are the few basics to look at ahead you obtain one of these balance carry-over deal credit cards.

NRI Accounts for Money Transfer

Non resident Indian needs to open up few basic bank accounts for their essential financial transaction back at home. Be it to transfer profits earned on mutual funds and share or transfer rental income abroad. Your rental income earned in India can be easily transferred abroad.

NRI – Financial Solution for Your Dream Home

If you are looking out to finance your dream home, make use of a flexible option. Home loans NRI is the apt financial solution for all Non resident Indians wanting to build a dream home. You can buy a new or old flat, construct a house or carry out renovations with the help of NRI home loans. Some lenders have designed loans with attractive features to meet the financial needs of a non resident Indian.

Tax Saving Funds and Certifications for NRIs

If you are an NRI wanting to earn income in India, you must open an NRE, FCNR or NRO accounts. These accounts will help you even in case of applying for NRI loans. You can enjoy tax exemptions on FCNR account as it is held on a repatriable basis with zero tax liability and high returns on interest rate. Enjoy tax exemptions, enroll for a pension plan, tax saving fund, insurance policies, Fixed Certificates, loans etc.

NRI Banking – More Simplified Now!

Opening up an NRI account is no big deal. If you choose the online route, you will soon realize how simple the whole process is. If you are a non resident Indian, you can open up your bank account sans any lengthy documentation. You are allowed to open multiple accounts in a single application. It takes the tension away from you, as you and your spouse can apply for it simultaneously.

Open an NRI Account at Ease

Are you an NRI looking out to invest in Indian companies? Shares, mutual funds and convertible debentures are right investment opportunities for you.

What Is the Need for NRI Investment?

Need to provide a source of income to your family back in India, makes you open up an FCNR, NRE or an NRO account. You may want to save your earnings, open up fixed deposits or set up an online demat account. For all your financial transactions in various foreign currencies you need to open any of these NRI bank accounts.

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