10 Minute Forex System That Often Rakes in Up to 400 Pips Per Trade & Takes Only 10 Minutes Per Day

The purpose of forex trading is not to sit in front of the computer all day trying to make pips. Rather the purpose of your trading the forex market is to rake in as many pips from the market as much possible in the shortest possible time and then enjoy the rest of the day with family and friends.

Automated Forex Trading is the Snake Oil Salesman of the 21st Century

Who are the snake oil salesman of the 21st century in Forex? The marketeers that are selling and promoting automated trading systems like the 25 cent bottle of Old Tom’s Cure All. They get in and out of the market quick and the only ones to make money are them. This article shows why automated systems don’t work and why the best path is to learn a viable and reliable trading method that can serve you for years to come.

Forex Chart Indicators Explained

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t make huge Forex trading profits using Forex chart indicators. Some of the ways to use indicators profitably are so simple you will wonder why you having been making money using simple forex indicators all along.

Much of Forex Technical Analysis is Worthless

Is technical analysis valid? Many assure us that it is.

The Best Forex Trading Indicator May Be Your Mind

What is the best indicator for trading Forex? Ask that question on a Forex forum and you will get no consensus. Everyone has their favorite indicator and there are many to choose from.

Why Forex Automated Trading Systems Have No Chance For Success

Forex automated trading systems don’t work because of “price noise” in the market and because of the small amount of equity required to move currency markets. Further, automated systems trade against each other causing more uncertainty in prices.

Forex MegaDroid Settings – Getting the Most From Your MegaDroid Robot

We have always felt that the Forex MegaDroid settings have been one of its best selling points. This is due to the fact that there are actually very few to adjust. Many trading robots are simple stuffed with too many settings. This often results in traders spending countless hours adjusting and tweaking the settings in an effort to get the best out of their robot.

Expert Advisors Or Forex Robots?

Forex robot software also known as Expert Advisors or EA’s are taking center stage in currency market trading. These programs give information and advice when to enter and exit a trade. The basic function of these programs is identifying potentially profitable trades by interpreting the many signals from the Forex markets. What does this software actually do?

Sell Gold – Know More About It

The decision to sell gold is one which not only takes careful consideration but also perfect timing. It is an investment that is both liquid and tangible, and is bought and sold with ease.

3 Super Tips For Using Your Free Forex Chart

The foreign exchange market is a great way to make money from home. Unless you intend to gamble (and lose), the usage of forex charts can be very important to making good trading decisions.

How to Choose a Forex Trading Signal Provider

Any struggling or new trader should really consider the options available to improve their trading or even find the easy way to enter the forex market and be profitable. There is so much information out there on currency trading but to find some solid grounding and some live trading experience could be all you need to realize your trading dreams.

Forex Trading Basics For Canadian Traders

Learning the forex trading basics can enable you to trade in forex online in Canada. There are many authorized providers for forex trading platforms and your best bet would be to check them out online after studying the reviews.

Forget the Stock Market, Try Managed Forex

So as a business owner, I’m always looking for ways to make more of a return on funds that I invest whether into a business or an investment. If you’re like me and a multitude of Americans, Europeans, or Asians and good folks who have put money into a 401k or Retirement Account, the last 12 years have been very disappointing. In fact some of my friends and relatives have made no progress or worse are actually down in net return over the past decade.

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