Overview of Matching Receivables

Matching receivables is an important practice in accrual accounting. It takes the current asset category accounts receivable and applies the matching principle, a very important concept in accounting, to give a fair presentation of an entity’s financial situation. Accounts receivable represents the total amount that is owed to the entity by customers.

Developing a Payment Strategy – Step 5 – Building a Seamless Payments Process

There is no “one-size-fit-all” payment strategy for every organisation, as there will be many individual factors to be taken into account in every case, and this is likely to affect the choices made. However, one aspect about a payments process appears to have almost universal appeal when it comes to customers – they want a “seamless” experience as much as possible. In exploring what is involved in developing an overall payments strategy, in this fifth and final article in the series we will look at building this seamless payments process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Credit Card Processing

Virtual credit card processing devices have become the new trend in the electronic business. This is the reason why most people do business on the internet. Almost all credit card processing devices are compatible with any internet connection.

A Certified Public Accountant Explains Goal Getting Versus Goal Setting

Have you struggled with financial planning? To be successful with your finances, you need to start setting goals to reach certain financial marks in your life. Moreover, you need to learn about goal getting, not just goal setting.

The Best Income To Earn Is Passive Income: Earn Passive Income for a Lifetime

All Canadians should have a form of passive income. Passive income is income that you earn on a regularly basis without making any effort. This is why it is the best income to have.

The Lender of Last Resort – To All Bankers in the World

The Federal Reserve is committed not to the health and wealth of citizens, but to that of the international banking system. New information on lending programs reveals the depth to which this is true.

The Benefits of Having a Specialist Manage Your Investments

Share trading is a high pressure, delicate task. There are many things to consider and it needs constant attention. That’s where a specialist can really benefit your investments, managing them for you to give you the results you want minus the stress. Here we’ve listed the main reasons why having your investments managed for you, has many benefits and is definitely something you should consider.

How to Choose the Right Company to Manage Your Share Market Investments

Choosing the right company to manage your share market investments can be difficult. You not only need to choose a company that are knowledgeable on share trading but they also need to be a business you can trust and know that your investments will be well taken care of. Here, we’ve listed the main things to look for when choosing the right company to manage your share market investments:

Accounting, Audit and Reporting In Thailand

A newly established business entity may choose any date for its initial accounting period. Thereafter, the accounts should be closed every twelve months.

An Introduction to PPI – What Is It All About?

The economic world is like a sandy beach, constantly shifting and changing as the financial tides ebb and wane. Professionals need to understand a wide variety of different factors in order to be effective at their job. Producer prices are the average price given to domestic producers for their product. The producer price index, or PPI for short, is the official measure of these prices in America.

What Does an Independent Financial Advisor Do?

An independent financial advisor or (IFA) helps people or some cases companies use their monetary resources to best effect. You should have specific financial goals you want to reach in terms of your personal savings and retirement.

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts

As a general rule, self settled trusts are not protected from creditors. However, recently the States of Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, Rhode Island, Colorado, Missouri, Utah and South Dakota have provided various degrees of asset protection legislation in a self settled trust.

The Secret to Wealth Is Understanding Savings Interest Rates

Can you measure your money? Many books and article are written on how to budget or get best interest rates on savings. You’ll see long descriptions showing all the different choices and the best savings account. Yet there is a very basic principle you need to understand that is not covered in all the information available. That gem that you must understand is how to measure what money must do in order for you to achieve your dreams.

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