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Bank Of England Governor Mervyn King Has a Rival

The Bank Of England Quarterly Inflation Report released on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 indicates the BOE is content on holding benchmark rates despite inflation above the target rate and despite hawks within the committee that would like to see the rates raised soon. The UK growth projection for the next 2yrs is lower than it was from the last quarterly inflation report and is now expecting inflation to fall below 2% within those 2yrs according to MPC Governor King. The pound was sold off after the meeting due to the new bearish rate outlook.

5 Money Savvy Tips For Kids

Almost 75% of parents feel unprepared to teach the basic of personal finance skills to their children You cannot begin too young to develop in kids a sense of delayed gratification and to teach them the crucial life skills associate with responsible money management. It may be a different task, but talking to kids about money matters is one of the best things parents can do to help children understand the importance of personal finance. Here are some tips to help you develop money value in your children…

Billing – Just a Necessary Evil to Be Tolerated?

How to efficiently and effectively customers are billed or invoiced for the products or services that are provided is often an after-thought or “necessary evil” for most companies. Many businesses therefore give the whole situation little thought, sometimes year after year, and just accept that the endless printing of invoices, stuffing of envelopes, issuing of emails, chasing of outstanding amounts and reconciling of payments just has to be done, without too much grumbling. But the big question here is this -what is being missed in viewing the rather irritating but necessary billing process in this rather negative way? This article explores this topic.

Money Matters: Finance Your Business and Keep Those Finances on Track!

Some people dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but worry too much on where or how to finance their dream business – that is, where they should go and look for it. If you’re one of them or even have engaged in business for years now, here are options for your finances.

Scottish Equitable Fined 2.8m for Pension Admin Errors in Connection to Mis Sold Pensions

In December 2010 the FSA fined Scottish Equitable Aegon 2.8million for failures in their pension admin processes which could have resulted in people carrying out pension transfers without being properly advised on the charges on the fund and this could possibly lead to you being mis sold pensions if you have transferred in the past. So if you have carried out a any pension transfers from Scottish Equitable or Aegon in the past then you may have been mis sold pension without being aware of it.

Wake Up And Smell The Inflation

To measure inflation, the government looks at price gains in eight categories: Apparel, Education, Food, Housing, Medical, Recreation, Transportation, and “Other”. While food and transportation are necessities, categories like apparel and recreation are more discretionary. So it’s not surprising that apparel prices stayed practically unchanged, housing rose only 0.4%, and increases in medical and recreational expenses also slowed – blunting the sharp increases in food and transportation.

Housing Bust Makes Location More Important For Home Buyers

Location is even more important for home buyers in the wake of the Great Recession. The old maxim is more valid than ever. The three most important factors for picking real estate are location, location and location. That’s the conclusion of research sponsored by the Mortgage Bankers Association.

What Will the Housing Market Look Like in 2011?

2011 is going to be a rough year for the housing market, barring unforeseen changes to our country’s economic fortunes. There is a massive supply of unsold homes in this country. There is little demand for these properties.

Will Fannie/Freddie Reform Lead to Lower Home Values, More Foreclosures?

Everybody has been talking about the Obama Administration’s proposal for the future of housing finance. While the debate focuses on the virtues or drawbacks of the options laid out in the proposal, fewer people seem to be discussing the impact that the plan could have on home values, home equity, and foreclosures. The proposed reforms lay out three basic options for housing finance reform.

A Tale of Two Invoices

In this article, the assumption that invoice sending is a mundane activity for almost all organizations and the scope for effeciency gain is minor is tested. This is done by considering what time and cost is typically involved in sending out invoices physically and sending them out electronically with a full digital bill/invoice presentment solution (rather than just online via email for instance).

Things to Remember While Writing a Finance Blog

Finance! What a vast and valuable subject that gets covered in seven letters? This seven letter word is what is gripping the entire world.

Practical Tips On Saving Money

We can come up with dozens of reasons to save money. There are three major reasons that we should be saving. We need to save for emergencies, for major purchases and for retirement. Saving does not have to equate with total sacrifice. Some of us think that saving for later means that we cannot enjoy things now. We do not have to give up having fun in order to protect our future. It just means that we make some changes. Here are some tips.

An Effective Way To Recover Your Investment

The reason you engage in business is because you wanted to earn. In getting started with a business, you have to purchase the equipment you need. You have to spend quite a lot of money to get it started.

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