Social Security Traps and How to Avoid Them

Just earlier this week, I came across an article by Kandice Bridges from BankRate.com and found it pretty compelling. The article lays out common social security traps and gives you pointers on how to navigate around them so you don’t end up getting taxed on your retirement benefits or face deductions on your social security payments.

Advantages of a Payroll System

Understanding exactly what to do for your business when it comes to paying out employees or establishing a given payroll system is no easy task. Payroll systems can be very complicated to especially if you have hundreds of employees or a large business. Establishing a proper payroll system with easy-to-use software for payroll that includes all of your deductions and requirements is very important.

A Problem That Can Be Solved With Money Isn’t a Real Problem – Yeah Right!

It’s been said that a problem that can be solved with money isn’t a real problem. What? You bet your butt it’s a real problem. Just ask the thousands of people suffering from health issues brought on my this growing problem. It’s not all bad news though.

How Many Times Do You Hit Snooze?

Many people ask me about what it takes to be a smart investor. Funny thing is, investing is all about odds and probability. Yes, investing can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t understand all of the financial lingo. I’ve got 4 strategies that you can use for your investment plan. Stay with me on these. It won’t hurt a bit!

Building a Nation of Millionaires: The Importance of Savings

The JumpStart Coalition is a national organization dedicated to teaching financial & economic literacy to educators. For 2013 their theme is savings and in July I’ll be presenting my thoughts on this critical topic at their meeting being held at the Chicago Federal Reserve. What an incredibly simply, but profoundly important concept… savings. There is perhaps no more important a notion in building wealth and prosperity than savings, and yet there is nothing in the financial realm so difficult for people to actually incorporate into their life. The questions to be answered include; what is savings, why is it that people do and don’t save, and what do we do with savings once it’s been accumulated?

Crucial Details To Realize About Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is comparable to both Chapter 7 and also Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the sense that it protects the general assets and property of the people in debt and/or the company. Much like within Chapter 7 bankruptcy, an individual or company is given power over the possessions as well as assets of the person in question, and settlement of dues is actually watched over directly by the individual in power.

Understanding The Basics Of Gold Investing

Investment in a precious metal like gold is one of the best investment decisions that you can ever make, especially during these tumultuous economic times. In fact, investing in gold can safeguard your portfolio against dangers of inflation, wars and natural disasters as well as fluctuations in stock prices. However, like with any other investment option, gold investing does come with its share of risks; and you need to understand such risks!

Student Prepaid Debit Cards Rise in Popularity

A student prepaid card isn’t tied to a bank account or line of credit, and can be used anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Students can only access the money placed on the card, and they aren’t charged interest for their purchases.

Prepaid Debit Cards: Are They Just for the Underbanked?

Prepaid debit cards have grown in popularity over the past few years, especially as more and more Americans feel the sting of the recession. In fact, prepaid debit card usage has climbed by 20 percent since 2011, and it is expected to increase even more by the end of 2013.

Choosing Banks That Bring Profit to the Customer

Banks are an important part of the world in which you live. Having one that you trust can be very beneficial. It is important to do a little research into them before choosing one.

Credit Unions Offer Several Perks and Benefits

There are some who would never think about patronizing credit unions. Little do they know; they are really missing out on some great benefits and advantages.

Remittance Facilities for Sending Money to India for US Based NRIs

To curtail the transit time taken in collection of cheques drawn on US banks, which are sent to India and then send back to US for collection, Indian Banks have introduced a new concept called Lockbox service for NRIs based in USA. The Cheque deposited by beneficiary will be presented in the local clearing in USA by correspondent bank of your bank. For e.g. Bank of America on behalf of SBI, India.

How to Calculate Retirement Needs

During a radio interview last week I was asked the simple but basic question of how to calculate the amount of money needed to support a prosperous retirement. This is an often asked, but more frequently misunderstood issue that needs to be clarified. How much do you really need? And once determined how do you get there and actually realize that amount of money?

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