The Dow Is Going Bearish

The NASDAQ stock exchange moved up about three points yesterday to hold over 2300. This is the highest it has been in five years. The market appears to be strong when it comes to this exchange.

A Trading Strategy That Consistently Beats All Major Indexes

If you are reading this then the odds are very good you want to get ahead of the market and maximize your profits. However, you might not be fully aware of what to do in this case. There is even the potential for you to feel uncomfortable with investing. It’s a common concern but you don’t have to worry about this if you use the right strategy for investing.

How to Deal With Market Corrections 10 Do’s and Dont’s

A correction is an event that will adjust the equity price of a stock to its actual value. This can cause a price to go change even after speculators respond in different ways to certain news stories or certain profit opportunities.

10 Great Stock Market Trading Rules to Use

You should be careful when finding stocks on the market. You have to use a number of stock market trading rules if you want to improve your chances of making money. You might end up being more likely to lose that money if you don’t follow your rules.

Our God Sees Our Financial Struggles And Strains

Does it ever feel like God has disappeared? In an effort to maintain our sanity, we begin trying lots and lots of different possible "fixes," hoping that one will result in a solution that we can live with. The interesting thing about many of our solutions is that they often don’t solve anything. What should we do when hardships arise? Let’s consider Jacob’s example in Genesis 31:42.

A Command to Be Debt-Free

Information on how to become debt-free comes in unusual forms. Some time ago, I came across “The Ten Commandments of Shopping,” distributed as an insert in a church bulletin.

Kickstarter Comes to the UK: Tips on Running a Successful Campaign

As Kickstarter opens itself up to UK projects on Oct 31st of this year, we thought it might be helpful to provide some tips on creating successful campaigns. Launched in 2009 in the US, Kickstarter is now one of the largest crowdfunding platforms, boasting over 73,620 projects, with a success rate of 43.5 %, and $381 million in pledges.

How to Compute Your ROI When Making an Investment

This article shows you how to compute your ROI in both cash on cash return and regular ROI. It’s best to do these calculations in computer spreadsheet software that can do more complex math without you needing to do it by hand.

Auto Loans – The Responsibilities of a Cosigner

If you’re thinking about cosigning a car loan you must read this. This article will educate you on the risks.

Digital Nomads

But seriously, who hasn’t fought back the urge to grab someone’s cell phone and stomp it into a million pieces and feed it to them like Moses pulverizing golden idols and mixing the dust in water for the people to drink? I have finally entered the world of the smart phone and all of the bizarre, obsessive and sometimes out-right rude behavior of users all makes sense now. There is literally no end to the mindless distractions available at an instant. The great irony in all this is the fact that we call this being ‘connected’ and we spend considerable time on websites called ‘social outlets’ yet all of this digital communion has made us more estranged from each other than ever before. When did community come to be solitary confinement in gigabyte prisons? I enjoy keeping up with friends and family as much as the next guy when it comes to using the technology but is there something more sinister at play here?

A Profound Law Cloaked in a Cloak

Why is the banking system of the United States (and the whole world) on the verge of complete collapse? I heard one expert claim that it was a competency problem and if they diffused the centrality of banking away from New York City and spread it around the country and placed it into the hands of ‘competent’ people in all corners of the country, things would be better. Others claim it is a problem of corruption due to centralization and not competency that is the problem. Still others argue that it is an issue of intrinsic value and that we must return to a gold standard. While all of these explanations may play a role to varying degrees, none of them even come close to the core origin of the problem.

Using The Sage 50 Accounting Program

Accounting and financial record keeping must be done correctly and efficiently to keep your business running smoothly. As the business world has become increasingly fast-paced, companies have begun to discover new ways of completing day-to-day accounting tasks.

How To Pay Off Your Debts Using Your Income Tax Refunds

If attaining debt relief is one of your main goals for the year then, you should consider using your tax refund to settle your credit obligations. Still, to maximize the use of such funds, we suggest you develop a personal budget on an Excel spreadsheet. After all, this will help you come up with an effective strategy on how you should handle the cash you’ve just received.

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