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Credit Lines Freeze – But Not For Reverse Mortgages

The “comfortable income” many seniors thought they had planned is often eroded by rising costs and incomes which don’t keep pace with those costs. Are there any guarantees anymore…?

Will I Be Able to Live on Social Security?

Social security does not look secure as we know it. How can we depend on it and should we depend on it?

The End of a Tumultuous Year

As we start the New Year, it’s time to glance in the rear view mirror and rejoice that 2008 is behind us. It was a tumultuous year during which nearly every aspect of the global economy took a beating from stocks and bonds to every other financial instrument on the major indexes. Hardly any industries or businesses were spared.

Reading and Understanding Your Statement of Income Or Profit and Loss Statement

Among the four basic components of financial statements (the balance sheet, statement of changes in equity, income statement and cash flow statement), the statement of income is the most interesting and exciting to read by its common users. This is true, since it indicates if an entity is having a profit or a loss, and that every business owners, investors, creditors and even the tax authorities may primarily want to see and know first if an entity is earning or making money out of running its business and utilizing its resources. An income statement also called profit…

What You Need to Know About Federal Reserve Bank Retirement Plan

Retirement is not something that only certain people need to worry about. Everyone will one day reach the age of retirement and therefore it is something that each and every individual must consider. In thinking about your retirement plan a Federal Reserve Bank retirement plan is something that should be thought about carefully.

Scarcity V Abundance

There are two schools of thought about money. One is that we need to protect our money, save it for a rainy day, because there is a limited amount of it. In other words, money is scarce. Opportunities are also scarce, so we need to protect the opportunities we have, keep them to ourselves, and never share. This is the theory of scarcity. Since there is only so much to go around, we better protect what we have and keep it to ourselves.


With the availability of the TFSA coming to Canadians in 2009, many are interested to learn how this account compares to the RESP account when considering higher education costs. One of the most popular accounts for qualified education expenses is the RESP account. How does the RESP account compare to the TFSA when it comes to saving for higher education costs?

The TFSA Or the RRSP

One thing is very true. Canadians have more savings option now than ever before. It is better to save rather than to not save at all. The common perception is that there is not much difference in a Tax Free Savings Account and a Registered Retirement Savings Plan.


Many Canadians are interested to learn how the new TFSA account compares to similar accounts within other countries. As the neighbouring country of Canada is the US, many Canadians wonder how their new tax free account compares to the US equivalent, the Roth IRA.

History of Bank Checking

Nobody is sure just when the first check appeared as part of financial transactions. Some think that the practice originated in Rome around 350 BC but there’s no documentation for this theory. Banks are known to have been in ancient Greece, Mesopotamia and Rome but there is no evidence of transactions.

Buying Checks Online

Buying checks online is simple and easy. Read this article to find out more!

Recession Beating Strategies

You will no doubt have had a belly full of the press, T.V. news pundits, self proclaimed experts and politicians telling you how bad the economy is and whose fault it is, (or isn’t). For you as an individual, trying to make sense this ‘objectively’ and in a manner that will help you implement a strategy to deal with it, is about as easy as platting fog. After all, to the news hounds, good news is not news. They are always looking for the drama and shock stories.

Where is My Sliver of the Mortgage Bailout Money? An Account of My Personal Frustration

We tried. And tried. And tried. And are about to give up. How our uphill battle against foreclosure is coming to an end soon. And not a happy end at that.

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