Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize the Housing Industry

Mortgage Refinance Top Tips And Ideas

A mortgage refinance actually means applying for a new loan which will replace your present loan. Learn how to make the most out of this and how to make your financial future easier and safer.

Money Management For Couples

Foremost among the reasons that lead to marital discord are financial issues. Most couples are unable to or find it extremely difficult to broach the topic openly and honestly. Although the reasons may be different for each couple, being disorganized and unable to communicate are common.

What’s in a Name? IFA Qualifications

There’s more pressure on people than ever before to save for their futures. Relying on the state is no longer a safe option for retirement, benefits and healthcare.

Buying Goods Abroad: UK Customs

If you’re planning to bring goods into the UK from travels abroad or from purchasing on the Internet, there are some important customs laws that you should be aware of.

Bankruptcy Not As a Debt Solution

When people are flooded with debts, and they see no way out of their situation, they start thinking bankruptcy could be the only possible solution towards a debt free life

Do You Know Which Hotel To Stay At?

There are different criteria to consider while choosing the hotel. Is the cheapest the best option? Mostly never, not even for the budget conscious.

How To Avoid Loan Sharks

These loan sharks target people who think they cannot get a loan another way. However, even people with poor credit can get a legitimate loan with decent rates and no hidden charges

In House Banking: The Basics

In house banking involves centralizing cash management in a company. While in-house banking has its advantages like better cash flow and easier accounting, it also has its share of disadvantages. This article discusses all you need to know about in-house banking.

Smart Techniques Of Financing Off Balance Sheets

Off Balance Sheet Financing involves raising money in a way that it does not appear on the financial statement as loan or cash flow. Some of the most widely used ways to achieve that is to go by joint ventures, leases and R&D partnerships. The lesser-used methods are trade receivables securitization and passing tax benefits to investors.

How To Avoid Financial Restatements – The Basics

Financial restatements are costly and time consuming for your small business. They hurt your business by weakening investor confidence. If a company is asked by the authorities to make a financial restatement, most investors will feel there is some fraud involved, even though the mistake might just be the result of auditing errors.

How to Earn Passive Income and Compounding Interest

Learn how you can earn a passive income online, and start making compounding interest with loan programs. See exactly how easy you can start today will little to no work.

The Secret To Collecting Debts

There comes a time in the life of every successful business when it happens. A customer doesn’t pay their debt. Try as you might, the customer fails to respond and the invoices go unpaid. But fear not, there are steps you can take to increase your prospects of collecting a debt from a customer. Here are a few pointers that could make the collection process smoother and more successful:

Supplemental Security Income: A Valuable Aid To The Disabled

Supplemental Security Income or SSI is a social benefit program instituted by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA pays a monthly sum to those whose income is lower on account of old age, blindness or disability.

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