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Businesses Seeking SBA Loans Can Use Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts receivable factoring could be an answer for small to medium-sized businesses to get alternative funds during these difficult economic times. Why? Because two of the Small Business Administration(SBA) loan programs will be running out of funds soon.

Getting Cheap Personal Checks Done

Many people need checks to send money through mail and pay bills, even though online payments, credit and debit cards etc. are very popular nowadays. If not carefully looked into the cost on checks can simply add up. In any kind of monetary transaction, you will find that checks are very safe for use. Just about anything that catches your fancy can be used as a theme to create your own personalized checks.

Killing US Industry and Trade – The New World War

It seems like another kind of world war, being fought in the realm of economics and international trade and currencies. The US is of the opinion that China is subsidizing its exports by keeping the Yuan artificially undervalued, thereby killing US industry and trade.

How to Choose a CPA Or Auditing Firm

Having someone to trust in terms of your business finances will make a lot of difference in its success. For this, a CPA firm can provide you with the best financial manager you can have you can have. CPA’s can guide you in your decision making and give you an overview on what will be good or bad financial strategies. They can also be your confidant in terms of your most confidential corporate information.

US Government Grants – What’s Available For Individuals

In the United States, government grants are usually given to projects which promote positive externalities, meaning the project will have a positive effect on the society as a whole along with the private benefit. Grants may either be given by the federal government or by the state government. Federal grants are issued by the government out of the federal earnings and are usually given out to companies and firms rather than individuals.

How to Obtain a US Business Grant

In the United States, business grants are awarded chiefly to non-commercial businesses. These businesses usually are non-profit organizations that are not dedicated to earning profits for self interest. They can be companies that provide help to the society in the forms of research in the fields of technology and medicine or they can be any set-up that provides a valuable service for the people.

The Nigerian Banking Industry – Symptoms of a Credit Crunch in the Midst of Excess Liquidity

Excess liquidity within the Nigerian banking industry will not guarantee long term profitability and survival of banks. There is also need to focus on the profitability needs of banks within the industry.

4 Vital Mistakes For Investors to Avoid

If you have been investing for awhile you will have seen some ups and downs. You will notice patterns and will notice how many investors make their decisions. Unfortunately you will notice many mistakes.

A Lifetime Mortgage May Be Used to Finance a Project Or to Supplement Pension

A lifetime mortgage is a type of equity release to unlock cash from your home. The repayment of the mortgage, together with the accumulated interest on the loan, will be made from the sale of your home after your death or when you move to long-term care. This method of financing is expensive and may drastically reduce the inheritance you pass to your children or beneficiaries. Make sure you get independent specialist advice before you take up a lifetime mortgage.

E-Invoicing – EIPP For Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions are constantly seeking ways to increase revenue cross-selling their services and there are proven extensions available to hand offering the perfect extension to a bank’s payment services. EIPP services help banks to maintain a competitive edge by using a trading network to offer flexible E-Billing services to its customers.

Current Account Fees

At present, we are given many choices of current accounts and each of them has different features. Before opening an account, you have to make comparisons in terms of their interest rates as well as the charges or penalties that you may incur in different bank transactions.

Strategies of Banking Technology

Banking technology has grown rapidly over the last decade. We went from pockets full of change to using debit and credit cards as a norm. Banking technology involves planning new banking strategies and evolving with the new technologies that emerge.

What to Expect From a Current Account

Since time immemorial, banks have always been offering current accounts to its clients. This type of account has a variety of features that can meet the unique needs of every individual, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all similar.

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