Disability Income Insurance for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Disabilities are not just hereditary or accidental. Temporary disabilities happen to professionals all the time. Such disabilities may last for 90 days or more, and may prevent the effected people from making a living.

The Dollar’s Death Spiral

The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank was authorized by the United States Congress by a narrow majority vote just before congress went on break for the Christmas holiday in 1913. Its existence was born out of manipulations from the banking elite of the time. The directive for the newly formed Federal Reserve was limited, however as time passed, this budding banking institution became a central planners dream for all things monetary.

The Perks of Having Business Bank Accounts

It is widely accepted that managing your business finances through a personal bank account may cause more problems than it solves. Money raised through business activities should not be mixed with personal expenditure. A business bank account adds to your company reputation and enables you to manage your money more efficiently.

The Care Fees Cap Con

This week (11th February 2013) saw the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt (MP), announce proposals to funding care fees for mainly the elderly, but of course include anyone that has long term care needs. The Key Points – Means test threshold to be increased from £23,500 to £123,000.

Losing to Win: The New Investment Strategy

There is a bit of a learning curve in the world of stock markets, particularly when it comes to higher risk investments such as day trading. This means that you must give some devotion and lose in order to win. Such a method is usually so much appreciated since it gives you a future experience to learn from.

Learn Stock Trading From Playing Poker

To become a profitable trader, the first step is usually to try and pick good stocks. Most people are aware of the fact that selecting good stocks without thinking of a good exit strategy is a near impossible task.

Before Starting to Trade, Do You Know Your Broker?

In order for people to start trading, they need to research on their investment broker. The investment broker is someone whom you shall be sharing important information with. Therefore, people require knowing more on their investment brokers before trusting them.

Low Risk Stocks

To secure your family’s financial future, stocks are the great way. There are so many life problems that you will face, and unfortunately you will have to cater for all of them. From braces, to college, to weddings, and finally retirement, all these are expenses that you will need to look into.

Do You Need a Trading Strategy?

It is important to have a trading strategy. There are people who enter without a thought of how they are going to play their cards. They result to gambling their money and their portfolio may disappear. It is therefore important to come up with a strategy that works.

Cost-Effective Vegetables For Your Garden

Gardening is one of the rare hobbies which is not only fun, but useful and profitable. If you’re looking to save money then these vegetables might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Is Day Trading for a Living Your Cup of Tea

Day trading is an option that exists for people who want to trade and work with other people’s money. It is an option that many can use to earn their daily earnings. The business starts from the morning hours at 9a.m and it closes at 4p.m.

Investor Awareness Campaign: A Look at the Other Side

Sign up for a newsletter to get the latest information in the stock market. Don’t miss on the available opportunities that give you the current information. You can learn about stock prices and make wise investment decisions. However, it is not this simple…

Investment Strategy: The Investor’s Principles

It is fascinating how the stock market is unpredictable. It is filled with a lot of mellow drama such that people are always seeking predictability, scapegoats and blame. The investors add to the melodrama by being controlled by the media.

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