BITCOIN Still FALLING + Google Coming To WEB3!!

The Big Secret to Creating Wealth and How to Take Action and Not Be a Statistic

The big secret really isn’t a secret. Many of you will read this big secret and think to yourself, “Of course! I know that! Tell me something I don’t know!”

Merchant Processing 101

There are countless reasons why a business should add credit card and electronic payment processing capabilities – transactional speed, convenience, increased customer satisfaction, improved cash flow, views into sales data and more. But perhaps the most important consideration is the sheer volume of consumers who use non-cash methods as their primary form of payment.

Merchant Processing 102

Shopping Carts, Gateways and Payment Processors: Anatomy of an Online Purchase Years ago, an exchange of cash was all it took for a customer to make a purchase from a merchant. How things have changed! Today, most businesses offer their products or services on the Internet – clearly, they can’t be restricted to cash-on-delivery practices anymore.

Suze Orman, Financial Expert on Oprah

We learned something from Suze Orman when she appeared on the Oprah show this week. Everyone needs to know what they can afford. Suze Orman appeared on Oprah to discuss easy ways you can save money. Listed in this article are some simiple and easy ways you can save money everyday.

How to Find Free Government Grants

If you need financial assistance and you don’t want to apply for a loan, you may qualify for U.S. government money. There are many different types of government grants. This article will show you how to find and how to apply for government grant money.

Use an Online Grant Directory to Find Help With Medical Bills

If you have a medical condition it could cost you a lot of money. With low income and with not enough medical insurance it’s difficult to pay all the medical bills. In this article you will find out where can you find financial assistance for medical bills.

Use an Online Grant Directory to Find Free Government Grants

If you need money for your education, to start a business, to buy a house or just for personal needs why not to apply for a free government grant. To find the right grant available to you and to apply for it takes some time. In this article you will find out how to make this process easier.

Mutual Fund Fees, Charges and Management Expense Ratio

Investor may incur fees and charges upon the purchase, sale and holding of their investments in unit trust funds as below: 1. Service Charge: Is a front-end fee incurred by an investor when he purchases units of a fund. The service charge is computed as a certain percentage of the NAV per unit.

Understanding Bonds

In order to better analyze the financial markets for investment, it is important to know about bonds. When people generally talk about trading and investment, the first thing that comes to mind will be the stock market. For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising and falling, or a company’s stock going up and down always gets people excited. However, when you ask people about bonds, most will know very little about them. This is despite the fact that the bond market in the US is several trillion dollars larger than the US stock market.

Get Advice From Your Bank

You may be surprised that you can get great financial advice from your bank, and you don’t have to pay a thing. It is part of many banks services. Go ahead, check them out. It’s Free!

Disclosure, Not Destruction – Recent Development of Mark to Market Accounting

Several years ago, I noted a press release about the appointment of a new Chief Accountant at the SEC. He was a retired partner from an accounting firm where I had also been a partner. At first, I thought this was a positive development. A top-flight accountant should ensure sensible accounting policies at the top GAAP regulatory agency. The first quote I saw from the new Accountant dissuaded me from this view.

The Rescue Fantasy

Let’s turn off CNN (Constantly Negative News), take a deep breath and take stock. All this talk about he Bailout has me thinking about a self-sabotaging symptom I see too often, particularly in those who suffer from Underearning, Debting or being in a Money Fog; that would be the “Rescue Fantasy”.

Coping With Sudden Financial Loss Before the Holidays – There Still is Much in Which to Be Thankful!

One of the positive aspects of the Dow crashing, might be a season of gratefulness. American finances has come off a roaring economy, there is now an opportunity to teach our younger children the joy of counting their blessings, of being grateful for things previously taken for granted.

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