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Forex Day Trading – Keeping Perspective With the Long-Term Market Trend

Many people who actively trade the foreign exchange market prefer to use a shorter time frame such as a 5-minute or 15-minute price chart, and since earning just 2 trades with a 10-pip profit for the day can be $200 per day with a standard account and a single lot then many people can earn a basic living from this. However, many forex day traders make the mistake of only looking at their short-term chart without taking into account the overall trend of the currency pair, and for this reason they make their trading much more risky than it needs…

Honestly, Automated Currency Trading is As Easy As Exercise

Exercise Advertisements would always use the word easy but experience has shown the listener that this is not true. One becomes skeptic of such advertisements just like when one hears that automation in currency trading has become easy with the use of platforms and robots. Descriptive words of ‘installation is a breeze”; “it is like a plug and play”; “it is a start and forget program”; “– are all just words coming out of a scam.

Forex Fundamentals – Event-Driven Trading Strategies and Commodity Currencies

In the foreign exchange market there are three currency pairs that are commonly referred to as the “commodity currencies,” which are the USD/CAD, AUD/USD and the NZD/USD. The reason for this nickname is that the economies of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are largely based on their commodity markets (such as oil, timber, and agriculture).

Automated Platforms Launch Changes in Currency Trading

Are you a currency trader or broker still sitting in front of your desk pondering over charts and past data? Are you still waiting in front of your computer for market movements signaling the perfect conditions for your much awaited trade? Are you still in school learning the rudiments of basic trading and anxiously waiting for the seasoned time to make trades? Automation is the answer.

Automated Currency Trading – Automation at a Glance

Automated currency trading platforms has changed the way that the foreign exchange market does things. Before you have traders and brokers spending hours watching the computer monitor for changes in the fluctuating forex market. They will get the data. Compare the data to charts and past data on the market. Then, they will analyze all the data and make a prediction.

Automated Currency Trading – Ushers in the Dawn of the New Age

The automation of currency trading has definitely brought in the beginning of a new age. It is the dawn of a new beginning for traders, brokers and for the ordinary people wanting more of life. It has brought in new hope.

Foreign Exchange Trading Systems – Currency Trading Made Easy!

With the availability of internet in almost all part of the world, trading has started and opened the doors for all kinds of traders. Foreign exchange trading is one business that has really flourished nowadays. Trillions of dollars are being traded everyday. This has only been achieved because of the help of automated currency trading systems.

Forex Trading and Momentum Divergence

An ailment that many traders suffer from when they are in a live trading environment is called “analysis paralysis,” where you are trying to take in too much information in deciding when to trade and in which direction, and you either overload your charts with indicators that you don’t fully understand or you try to read every single piece of news on your news feed and try to determine what it means. In all areas of life people will encounter problems when they try to overcomplicate things, and so the solution to this for your trading is to find a…

Automated Currency Trading – How Does Currency Trading Affect You?

In this information age technology, robots have replaced the tasks usually done by men. Especially those tasks that is routine or fixed. Robots can be programmed according to your specifications and they will compute and do the hard work for you.

Automated Currency Trading – The Three Towers Built on the Same Foundation

Automated trading relieves humans of the manual and mundane acts of collecting data, comparing them to past data, analyzing and eventually coming up with a prediction. But this foundation or new system of currency trading has built three towers or categories.

Automated Currency Trading – Does Automation Encourage Passivity and Complacency?

Passivity is the absence of the physical rigors in trading. Complacency is that man has passed the buck of trading to robots. He merely stands at the sidelines and just waits on the receiving end, waiting for the, so called, return of investment. Is this the negative result of technology on currency trading?

Want to Know About Forex?

Each country has its own currency. A concurrent exchange of one country’s currency for that of another is termed as FOREX or Foreign Exchange and can be represented with FX. Sometimes Forex is referred as Retail FOREX also.

Auto Forex Trading – How to Guarantee Your Success With Auto Forex Trading?

For those who find that their regular salaries are lacking, there is the very easy to enter and very promising, financially speaking, business of forex market trading. Smart people are already looking for other ways of earning more income for their households and wise people invest in the forex trading industry. Well, the new age has brought upon a fresh and unique technology, known as the automated forex trading. But venturing into a business also has its uncertainties and risks.

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