Bitcoin Price Prediction – Scenario 1

Retirement and Health

In planning for your retirement, buying disability, health or long-term care insurance is important. The insurance company would usually want to know a lot about you. You will be classified based on your habits, medical records and family history.

Preparing For Retirement

Certain questions arise whenever an employee starts to think about retiring. Sadly, many reach retirement age unprepared. Some started planning late because of ignorance or lack of information. Some had a mindset that getting ready for retirement should be done when you’re nearing the age of retirement.

An Initiation To Commodity Futures Trading

Commodity futures trading, as we know it today, came about for the first time in Japan in the 17th century, where rice was traded in future contracts. It was a period when farmers and buyers came together and decided to commit to each other future prices negotiated on suitable terms in exchange of grain for money.

Renting-to-Own vs Credit Cards

One of the most controversial conversations I have with others is whether renting-to-own is a better choice then using a credit card when purchasing a product. I am a true believer in renting-to-own. But in my own opinion both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

Thousand of people each day become the victim of identity theft. It is a crime that will require lots of time and money to fix if you become a victim. The best cure is preventing it in the first place. There are a few very effective tips to help you never become the victim of identity theft.

Tax Tips on a C Corp Asset Sale

For business sellers not understanding the implications of a C Corp Asset Sale versus a Stock Sale can be costly. If you are forced into an asset sale, however, here are a few tips on reducing your tax bite.


There are some important things that people should know when buying their first home. There’s no one specific set of instructions that cover all the differences in real estate laws and customs that exist throughout the United States, so when putting in an offer on a house, it will depend on your location on real estate laws and customs of your state.

Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Car

Buying a car can be a costly mistake, if you are not prepared. Here we show you how to do your research, and why buying a brand new car can cost you more than you think.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage Payers May See Trouble In 2007

Despite an upward trend in mortgage borrowing, fixed-rate borrowers could feel the impact of recent base rate rises when it comes to renewing their loan.

Providing for Your Retirement

Although many of us dream of taking early retirement, few of us consider how we are going to make financial provisions for that time. Now’s the moment to start thinking about your options.

Refinancing Credit Card Debt Can Save You Money

People are offered credit cards often. Individuals who choose to use credit cards with abandon soon find themselves facing substantial balances on their cards and hence rising minimum payments. This can be discouraging to some, but many people are on the search for an answer to their credit card problems. Loan originators, mortgage brokers and loan officers can offer great solutions to clients’ debt issues, and one way for finance professionals to meet these seeking individuals is by obtaining debt negotiation leads. Debt consolidation leads can be used by finance officers to offer bundling the credit card debt into a home mortgage, paying off the credit card debt and refinancing to obtain a lower monthly payment overall. In this way, smart finance officers can use the opportunity presented by the debt elimination leads to show their clients that refinancing their credit card debt can save them money.

Accounts Receivable Financing – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Accounts Receivable Financing- “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” explores the issues of notification vs non-notification accounts receivable financing, why some businesses fear that their customers may learn that they are using factoring services, and why worrying about these concerns is usually not justified.

Checklist for Avoiding Loser Molybdenum Stocks

By popular demand, we created a new checklist to help investors research the new wave of primary molybdenum producers. We found a little-known, potentially producing moly producer, and ran the company through our research checklist to see if it passed the litmus test.

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