Forex Trading Strategies – A Brief Guide

This is a brief write-up aiming at helping the beginners understand the FX currency trading strategies and tips. It has especially been written in simple and easy language so that even a layman can make head and tail of it.

What Your Credit Score Costs You!

Having a bad credit score has far reaching effects beyond what most of us understand. Since credit reports are available to virtually anyone, a poor score can cripple you financially and frustrate you in many ways.

The Military and Bad Credit

Military personnel put their lives on the line – and the lives of their families on hold – to protect and serve our country. The fact that so many of our military personnel are suffering due to bad credit and financial problems is a tragedy. Despite the reassurances of the government and many consumer credit agencies that this problem has been greatly exaggerated, the reality is that most of these people either have or will experience a financial hardship which will lower their credit score. As everyone knows, a low credit score has the potential to prevent approval for obtaining a mortgage, car loan, credit card, etc. US Military Lending Corp offers hassle-free military loans to all branches of the military – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc. These funds are even available to those serving overseas in many cases. The streamlined application process couldn’t be simpler, and approval often comes within 24 hours. US Military Lending is proud to donate a portion of every dollar earned to the Armed Forces Relief Trust to help military personnel and their families in times of crisis.

Algo Trading In Asia

Like any other form of high-speed trading, the Asian markets regard algorithm or “algo trading” with a healthy dose of skepticism. While the potential payoff is great, many Asian traders are concerned about removing the human element and thus unpredictable random factors from the trading equation. The underlying argument is that without a natural base level of volatility in the market, there is too much opportunity to skew the market to best accommodate a given business, such as oil, wheat, or other commodities and services.

Quantitative Trading and How to Use Your Algos More Effectively

In today’s trading world, the difference that sets aside the style from trading years ago are a few factors. The old style of buy and hold has taken a backseat to the fast pace of today’s trading. Instead of waiting weeks to years, trades can be done in a matter of minutes, with the trader walking away with a profit. Smart traders will be thinking about maximizing their portfolios, by investing in as many different markets to prevent a bad trade from getting out of control. This is termed as quantitative trading, and if you are serious about earning money from the market, you really should learn more about this trading style.

What Is Corporate Access and How Does It Affect Trading Operations?

If you were a celebrity’s handler, then you would be primarily concerned with access. Who gets to talk to your charge when, where and for how long. Access control is an issue in business too, and when it comes to the investing field the question of corporate access is one that has to be answered. Corporate access is similar to the above example, but it consists of meetings between the managers of a corporation that’s traded publically with those who are institutional investors. Essentially it’s the people running the company meeting with the people that are considering putting a lot of money into the company.

What Is the FIX Protocol?

When it comes to having a set standard for electronic communications involving trade related messages, there is no room for leeway which could give an unfair advantage to Institutions, Brokers, Dealers, Industry, Exchanges, and Electronic Communication Networks. Specialized protocols are employed to ensure that the standardization practice is upheld and the system works in a legal and unobstructed manner.

How to Play It Safe When Trying to Find Work Form Home Jobs

I quick article on how to stay away from schemes when you are looking for online. Full proof clues that something is indeed a scam.

Why Doctors Should Offer Their Own Financing for Surgeries

In-house surgery finance plans are beneficial to both the doctor, as well as the patient. The patient receives aid in paying for the part of their procedure that is not covered by insurance and the doctor can accept more new patients who could previously not afford a procedure, while simultaneously generating more revenue. Finance plans also support customer retention and loyalty over time with returning customers.

US Government Grants for Education

  Today, education is one of the most expensive human necessities. I call it a human necessity, because it is only with education, that you can be able to live a full fruitful life. Sure, some people have prospered even without having to go to school, but those are very few.

10 Steps to Better Cash Flow

Almost every business I know monitors cash pretty closely and all seem to have their own system. But here are 10 ways to help you monitor and/or improve cash flow.

What Happens to Your Money When You Put It in a Bank?

Ever wonder what happens to your money when you put it in the bank? How do they pay you interest on your savings account? Read on to learn all about it.

Asian Alliances Brings Strength to Asian Markets

What Trading Technologies are being used in the Asian Market today? The Chinese trade market is on an upward trend in many different ways. There are many new implementations in recent years that make Chinese funds more accessible and appealing to investors.

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