Bitcoin Hits Highest Price of 2022 (Ethereum Exploding Up 2 Weeks Straight!)

Guaranteed Interest – Are You Searching For a Safe Place for Your Money?

So you are concerned about guaranteed interest on your fixed deposits and bonds, right? The Federal law says that once you have purchased Government bonds, or Fixed deposits, the interest rates prevailing at the time of purchase shall remain locked until maturity. Unless, the Government is required to change the interest rates, your money earns guaranteed interest for the whole term.

What’s A Wire Transfer Sent Overseas?

An international wire transfer is a way to move funds electronically, relatively quickly. This can be done through many methods such as the Federal Reserve Wire Network or other payment systems. Wire transfers can be a great way to move money to others, however there is a cost associated with this.

Cut Energy Costs At Home: 5 Easy Ways

With the economy in tatters, and unemployment still hovering around 10%, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet. In some homes, 75% of the electricity used to power home electronics and small appliances is consumed when they are turned off; according to the Department of Energy website. There are lots of ways to save money through energy efficiency at home.

Ordinary Income Can Produce Extraordinary Wealth With Proper Money Management

We’ve all heard stories of ordinary people with mediocre jobs who spend their entire life living simple fulfilled lives and when they die, they leave millions to their heirs. It seems incredible that an ordinary person making $30k a year could possibly ever become a millionaire, but financial success can be achieved on virtually any income if your spending is also properly managed.

Poverty to Profit: Islamic Microfinance – Part 2

The Islamic microfinance arrangement falls under the Mudarabah contract, a participative agreement in which one party provides capital (the principal) and the other (the worker) utilizes it for business purposes in which profit from the business is shared according to an agreed upon proportion, and loss, if any, unless caused by negligence or violations of contract by the worker, is borne by the principal. Some considerations include the following: The bank as the principal should not interfere in the routine transactions of the business of the worker, though the bank is permitted to…

Tips For Transferring Money Overseas

Sending wire transfers is really an easy process if you have all of the information required to send it. However, if you are trying to make deadlines, or do some more complicated things with the transfer, there are little details you should be aware of.

What a Difference Pricing Makes

Questions about pricing seldom seem to arise, though, although pricing inevitably has a significant impact on a bank’s revenue. In this corporate governance briefing we explore how better pricing can contribute to the bottom line.

Things You Need to Consider When Buying the Best Annuities

When you reach your retirement age you not only have to consider buying the best annuities now for your retirement income then but also in the future. Retirement might last 20 or 30 years and you need to consider will you have sufficient income at this time to continue to live comfortably? What about your dependents?

Pensions – How to Lose 131,000 Easily

Quite easily, the worst possible opening chat up line would be to begin to talk about pensions. Although I have been researching them for over twenty years it never ceases to amaze me how quickly I can fall asleep at the very thought of even thinking about them.

Government Grant Money – Really?

To get approved for Free Government Grant Money you must follow some very specific steps. The process is straighforward, but you must be disciplined and have a good template and guidelines. In order to complete the process, you will need to get a Grant Writing Package from one of the best Companies who specialize in a database of available programs.

Stop Home Repossession Today with Sell, Rent and Buy Back Package

Learn how to avoid repossession by working with a cash buyer. You should always try to stop home repossession by adopting whatever methods you can.

The Truth About Federal Government Grants

There is a lot of confusion around Federal Government Grant Programs because there are so many different varieties of grants offered. To help avoid some confusion in your search for grants, try to remember these basic truths…

Impact of Basel III on the Financial System

The global financial system created a vacuum of financial regulatory reform and transformation. With the growth in housing defaults and the impact of sub prime loans and CDOs on the economy, the international community focused on forming a united banking front / regulation.

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