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Arbitration Company Shut Down For Conflicts of Interest

One tool of the credit card companies has always been to force consumers into unfair arbitration proceedings, where very little is done to help strapped borrowers get back on top of debts. While most people who were involved in such negotiations had a feeling they horribly biased against the consumers, the full extent of the corruption of the process has finally come out in a recent court settlement.

Second Chance Checking Bank Accounts

If your name is on that Chexsystems list, then you will have a very hard time getting a traditional checking account. Your best option is to get a Second Chance Checking Account. There are banks out there that know you have made mistakes in the past, and they know that people do deserve a second chance account. When you are getting a second chance checking account, you are not likely to get a new account with your old bank.

Using Foreign Insurance For Greater Asset Protection, Tax Savings, and Enhanced Investing

As asset protection planners, we don’t usually take a client’s wealth offshore without placing it in some type of insurance wrapper. An insurance wrapper is a term that refers to an insurance policy used as a vehicle or “wrapper” for other non-insurance purposes. In the offshore context, properly utilized insurance wrappers are very useful and have several benefits. First and foremost, foreign insurance wrappers give us a reason for why we take assets offshore. This is important because, in an asset protection context, it is always critical to have a reason for doing something other than just asset protection.

When You Give, You Save

There are two specific ways that you will save money when you give away your junk. Keep these things in mind in order to reap some of the benefits of giving…

The Role of a QROPS Adviser

When people begin thinking about overseas pensions there are many different terminologies and steps to take when transferring all your pension money across. There are rules and regulations that people would need to follow and without the advice from a qualified adviser you may come across some heavy obstacles. The role of QROPS advisers involves researching, finding solutions and helping you select the right pension plan for you.

Help With Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt follows a depressingly predictable pattern. First you fall behind and get a polite letter saying you need to make a payment. Then you get another more urgent letter asking why you have not responded to the first letter. Next you start getting phone calls from the credit card company. Several calls, sometimes three or four a day, especially at night when you are trying to switch off and relax.

Settle Credit Card Debt – Avoiding the Credit Card Debt Trap

Credit cards have made life so easy for us we forget what it was like before they existed. In fact many of us have never known a time without them. Today a credit card is an essential piece of financial kit to have with you. With the advance of the internet and state of the art online merchandising, purchasing everything from airline tickets to buying the latest John Grisham bestseller can be done with just a couple of mouse clicks.

How a Variable Annuity Can Contribute to Your Retirement

A variable annuity is like a 401k in some respects because you can choose for yourself which investments you would like to make up your portfolio. The premium can be divided with portions being used to fund several subaccounts that are diversified according to risk.

Toward a “Distributed” Global Banking Grid

In a rather remarkable collective mea culpa, the G-20 leaders, following their emergency summit in November, issued a joint diagnosis of “the roots of the current crisis” in world financial markets. Market participants sought higher yields without an adequate appreciation of the risks and failed to exercise proper due diligence. At the same time, weak underwriting standards, unsound risk management practices, increasingly complex and opaque financial products, and consequent excessive leverage combined to create vulnerabilities in the system.

Pension – An Introduction

Many people in this world, especially younger people who are far away from retirement fail to see the benefit associated with pension. For them their new car or next holiday is more important than their retirement thoughts.

Using Your Child Trust Fund – Easy As Learning Your ABC’s

Like the kids who’ll be the first to benefit from them, the Child Trust Fund has done a lot of growing up in the four and a half years since it was launched. Introduced in January 2005, the accounts are designed to ensure every child has some savings behind them when they turn 18.

Nonjudicial Foreclosure Process Creates Additional Hurdles For Homeowners

In nonjudicial foreclosure states, homeowners who believe they can fight back against the process face an additional challenge that borrowers in judicial states do not have to deal with. In a nonjudicial foreclosure process, the bank is able to proceed with selling a home at a public auction with no involvement by the local court system.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Our Kids Do

Over half of UK kids (51%) think they’ll be a millionaire one day according to a survey of 3,000 six to ten-year-olds by Tesco Savings. The recession has clearly not put a damper on children’s optimism about their financial futures. Boys remain the more confident: while millionaires account for only for 0.5% of the UK adult population*, 57% of boys aged six to ten expect to reach millionaire status one day.

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