Bitcoin Greatest Hedge Against Record Inflation (Justin Sun Expands Tron Ecosystem)

Investment Finance – Where to Get It

It is many people’s dream to be able to invest their hard earned cash in something that will earn them more money. There are many investment opportunities available but some of them may be hard to reach or even understand the intricacies involved in operating them.

ITIL Financial Management

It is important to spend money wisely. Financial Management is a strategic tool that is relevant to all three service provider types. Increasingly, internal service providers are asked to operate with the same levels of financial visibility and accountability as their external counterparts.

Some Important Points to Learn About Insolvency and Insolvency Services

Insolvency is an inability to pay one’s debt. The company that fails to pay its debt is said to be an insolvent. This term is generally used with business. Business insolvency is of two types:

Preventing International Financial Scandals With Training

The recent financial scandal in Nigeria has stirred local media attention and attracted international focus from all over the world. As word spread about the distribution of a billion dollar bailout, questions began to surface about the soundness of banks in this coastal African country.

When it Comes to Your Finances, Are You a Stage 1 Or a Stage 4 White Water Rafter?

This economic meltdown has many people second-guessing the financial decisions made in the last 8 years. Where do you stand, and what can you do about it?

Islamic Malaysia – Is Malaysia Becoming a Hub For Islamic Finance in Asia?

Recently, Malaysian Islamic banking groups launched The Corporate Murabahah Master Agreement (CMMA) to boost Islamic finance money market. This is to ensure the market remains vibrant, volatile and nice-to-jump-in.

Beginning Your Home Based Business Career With an Affordable Multi Level Marketing Opportunity

Multi level marketing opportunity is a big income generating business. If you are starting up your home based business career as a multi level marketer, then you are on your way to earning unlimited income. Multi level marketing is a business opportunity that allows you to build a network or down-line of people who would technically work for you in a way. It also involves the promotion of a company’s products to earn a commission. This type of business opportunity is wildly opened for any interested person to join.

What to Say and What Not to Say When Negotiating With Original Creditors

There are lots of articles around that explain how to talk or not talk to debt collectors and many people think that they should handle negotiations with the original creditor in the same way, and that’s absolutely wrong. The original lender doesn’t have to help you at all, but if you handle the negotiations in the right way you might save yourself around 45% of your total debt, and you might get the very best comment on your credit report too.

Financial Planners Have Taken a Huge Hit This Last Year

Most of the folks that work in the financial planning field have not done so well this year. Mostly because shaken investors are not ready to get back into the market, and many have ditched their stock brokers and financial planners because of the huge losses after the market collapsed. All this is really unfortunate as the market is up 50% off the bottom and had all those clients stayed in, or gotten out near the top as it crashed and then gotten in at near the bottom, they’d have made a good bit of money.

Breathing Space Offered by Lenders

This article looks at a new offer from lenders. For a monthly fee (a percentage of your balance) they will let you suspend your repayments if your income decreases by more than a quarter. It could be the answer to the much needed breathing space many people currently need.

Financing Solutions – What is a Merchant Banking Operation?

In today’s diverse and unpredictable economy, the need for a sustained profit plan and long term growth strategy has become essential for both individuals and corporations. Merchant banking principally involves providing financial services and advice for individuals and corporations.

Making Your Working Capital Work

In order to effectively manage working capital, it is prudent to measure your progress and control your processes. A good rule of thumb is – If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it.

Looking For Some Free Money?

Government Grants are funds amassed by the Government for their citizens. They can be used for multiple causes like housing, businesses, personal needs, renovation, even a family car. We tend to think that grants are like a gift, but they are not. The Government has established certain criteria that has to be met, and I would not advise giving false information as this could land you in a whole load of trouble with the law.

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