Bitcoin Global Activity EXPLODING (Greatest Surge in 2 Years!!!)

The Decline of Modern Sovereignty and Coming Economic Pain

It was said that the sun never set on the British Empire. That was because the British Crown, at one time, had a colony in virtually every time zone around the World.

Benefits of a Local Bank

A local bank will be good for local businesses if it is run by local businessmen that have knowledge about the surrounding communities. Why not be a part of a local bank yourself? You can see the benefits of having local business people that control a bank and only do business with local companies and organizations.

An Overview of CFDs

A CFD (contract for difference) is a contract that enables you to trade on the changing prices of financial instruments, like shares, forex, stock indices and commodities. Essentially, if you buy a CFD and its value goes up you make a profit. If its value falls, you make a loss.

Will Mobile Devices Soon Be the Dominant Channel for Payment Transactions?

It seems as if mobile technology (smart phones and tablets in particular) a very hot subject right now when it comes to the near term future for payment transactions. This arises because of the huge rise in smart phone sales all over the world in the last few years and in more recent times, the fast growth of tablet computer devices. Although innovations are exciting in this article, we will briefly explore whether such devices will soon really become the dominant payment channel of choice. We will therefore look at arguments for and against this prediction.

Why Veterinarians Should Create Their Own Wellness Plans

Medical care for people is expensive enough, but imagine being strapped with exorbitant care bills plus those of your pet. Unfortunately, the cost of veterinary expenses often leads many owners to deny their animal companions necessary procedures or even routine exams. Vets can assist both owners and furry patients by offering affordable wellness plans.

Seven Important Considerations In Hiring A Financial Advisor

Often times, choosing an advisor can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Financial Advisors come in every shape and size and with a variety of qualifications. They work for big companies on Wall Street down to small firms on Main Street. There are several essential items to consider when selecting a financial advisor that can be used as a guideline to help you through the process.

Cash or Credit Is a Fundamental Question

Cash or Credit is a question asked at every retail store. It is only a choice if you have the cash for the purchase.

Online Credit Card Payment Services – HDFC Anyone?

Credit card payments are perhaps one of the most popular payment methods in the world nowadays. With the rapid pace of globalization and electronic banking, plastic money has begun replacing hard cash in earnest over the past few years. Online banking and shopping are also adding to the mix and making plastic and electronic money a very enticing option for us all.

Hedge Fund Interview Questions

A hedge fund interview can be very stressful. You never know what to expect, but there are three main areas an interviewer will likely focus on: behavioral questions, technical questions, and case study.

Inflation and Gasoline: How Can We Save Money?

Oil prices are going up all over the world and our reliance on gasoline for our cars and bikes really is not helping our wallets either. Gas prices are jumping all over the place, varying from season to season and spiking every time something happens in some corner of the world. According to simple economics, the ratio between demand and supply determines how much we will have to pay for gas.

Start Saving Today

Savings gives us a sense of security and we preach the joys of savings to children and eager to start them young. But why is putting away some cash and not spending it difficult for many adults? Perhaps it is time to practice what we preach. We can start by these simple, creative tips on savings.

Late Rental Payments

I’m not sure why anyone would let tenants get behind in their payments, but I regularly get calls from students asking what they should do because it’s the 21st of the month and they still haven’t received the payment that was due on the first. “Why haven’t you done anything sooner?

7 Tips To Make The Private Capital Lending Process Easier

You’ve just found the perfect investment property. It might be a six-unit commercial strip or it might be a fixer-upper house that’s in foreclosure. Your next question should be: How am I going to fund this purchase? One possibility is private capital lending.

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