Bitcoin Falling as INSANE Inflation CPI Released (Highest Level in 4 Decades)

The Balancing Act of Assets, Liabilities and Owner’s Equity

As a student, I’m learning more and more about accounting practices. I wanted to publish a quick article on one section of the financial statement; the balance sheet.

Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering is a new exciting branch which deals with creation, management and administration of new financial instruments based on new strategies. Engineering methodologies and mathematics are applied to derive solutions for financial issues. Applied Mathematics combined with financial theories tries to bring out solutions to finance problems.

We Cannot Waiver In Being Obedient With Our Finances

It is always interesting to me that, as Christians, we know the difference between right and wrong, yet we still find ourselves choosing to do what is wrong in some situations. Granted, this is a natural, human response to life. Many of us pray daily for help fighting against this weakness. In Genesis 17:23, Abraham reminds us of three keys when it comes to being obedient with our money.

Introduction to Property Finance

The Real Estate Market has always been able to lure investors due to the high returns that buying and selling of properties can generate. Even the Global Economic Meltdown did not have any adverse affect on this industry. The demand for both commercial and residential properties is still very high.

Financial Planning Certification – The J01 Exam

In order to advance in your career as a financial planner, you will need to upgrade your knowledge and your education. To be promoted to QCF level 4, you must complete 140 academic credits and earn a Diploma in Financial Planning. You should also pass the J01 exam. Passing the examination is part of the authorisation process, so you need to prepare for this test well.

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early Or Invest?

One of the hottest topics of debate in personal finance management is – whether to pay off your mortgage or make long term investments with your spare cash? It is a very complex question and the answer is not simple and depends on a large number of factors. The following article would provide an overview of the options as well as their advantages and disadvantages so that you may decide your financial option as per your convenience.

Financial Stewards Pay What Is Due

Abraham was living among the Hittites. When Sarah died, he needed to buy a burial site for her. Genesis 23:9b is Abraham’s request of the Hittites. He wanted the Hittites to assist him in getting Ephron to agree to his purchasing part of his land for the burial site. Ephron was willing to give Abraham the land for free. However, Abraham wanted to pay full price for the land. It is important to be fair in all of our dealings.

Functions of Business Finance

Introduction: The ultimate goal of any business is to be profitable at all times and earn money; it is money that helps a business to grow and expand. In order to be successful, an organization needs to able to manage money in a sophisticated manner and so all organizations have a finance department that takes care of different monetary transactions. The financial department in any company consists of various sub-departments or teams to take care of many functions, apart from buying and selling of products, thus business finance is the broad term that describes…

A Golden Foot in the Door

In my last article, I asked ‘Is a New Gold Swiss Franc in the Cards?’ If yes, the consequences are awesome. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of pressure being exerted by ‘The Powers That Be’ to prevent the Gold Swiss Franc from happening; these ‘powers’ being greedy bankers yearning after ever more profits through issuing ever more credit, and corrupt politicians yearning just as strongly after cash. Cash to pay the exorbitant costs of the welfare/warfare state… cash to buy votes for their own reelection. Under irredeemable paper greedy bankers continue to lend ever more ‘money’ to the corrupt politicos… and the poor citizens of the world get stuck paying interest on these loans… for ever! A new Gold Franc would put a sudden end to the deadly game of endlessly growing debt by putting the skids to the corrupt and precarious paper money system the world is currently suffering under.

All About Project Finance

Introduction: We live in a rapidly changing world where various aspects of our lives, our countries and our economies are changing at a very fast rate. The main element that acts as a fuel for this change is ‘money’; all our decisions as human beings are more or less centered around money. In order to upgrade the standard of living in a country, major changes in infrastructure, communication, roads, industries, employment opportunities etc.

Allow God To Vindicate Financial Wrongs

Genesis 20:16 tells us Abimelech’s response to a tough situation that he found himself in. Out of fear, Abraham asked Sarah to lie. Being obedient, Sarah did so. When Abimelech approached Abraham about it, Abraham told him the truth. Abimelech wanted to right the wrong that had occurred. This verse shows us how God will also look out for us when someone wrongs us financially.

What Financial Impression Will You Leave On Your Children?

Genesis 17:12-13 clearly illustrates how God feels about us, His people. The great news is that He wants us all, and He wants us forever. When it comes to our finances, He is also asking us to take on some responsibility within the family unit.

What Are the Emerging Markets?

The emerging market has the potential for high returns on investments, but carries significant risk. The aim of this article is to quantify the risks and returns together with providing advice on the best approach to investment in emerging economies.

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