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Reverse Mortgages Gain Popularity Among Baby Boomers

Reverse Mortgages are for seniors age 62 and over with equity in their home. In this interview with Jeff Lewis, Chairman of Generation Mortgage Company, we discuss the pros and cons of reverse mortgages.

Capital Risk Management – Wave Off Financial Strain

With the international economy changing trends over the few decades, capital risk management is somewhat grown more imperative than ever. Financial firms specifically banks have really been upset because of the unexpected circumstances.

Cash-Out Refinancing Is Out – Cash-In Mortgages Are In

Not surprisingly, cash-out refinancing is way down. What is surprising is the huge jump in cash-in refinancing, something practically unheard of during the housing boom earlier in the decade.

American Dream of Buying a Home Looks Like to Be Fading Away Witnessing That Homeownership Falls

Growing concerns with housing market, economy and unemployment carry on influencing nearly all aspects of American life. It appears that Americans are not only losing their homes but also not acquiring homes.

Addiction Treatment Center

My addiction treatment center programs are expected to provide tools, resources and services to the addict who cannot seem to quit their habit. It is because of the high rate of substance abuse that nonprofit organizations are trying to cash in on the profits that can be made. Others do it to help those who are helpless, which is what it should be in the first place.

Foreclosure Prevention Is a Great Way to Keep Your Home

You love your home. You have worked hard to buy it and maintain it. You have decorated it in your own style and have made many memories there. Unforeseen circumstances are often behind someone becoming down on their luck…

Open Market Option: To Shop for Best Annuity Rates

As an investor who is looking out for various annuities, the open market option is your right to shop around so that you use it to your complete advantage. It is indeed very baffling to find that most of the insurance shoppers do not take out the necessary time to shop for a good annuity rate. By doing so, people are not only missing out on a lot of money, they also might not have secured the right annuity offer.

Ahh! What Happens in an Investment Bank?

Five to ten minute read about the different parts of an investment bank and how personalities in each department interact. It also includes pay scales and positions as well which make it an interesting read.

Consumer Spending by Strategic Mortgage Loan Defaulters and Battling Homeowners

Recent statistics affirm that homeowners who are in an intentional default and hence not keeping up with their mortgage loan help economy more than the concerned homeowners. It may be good news for shopping malls but mortgage lenders will not be amused with the story.

Introducing a New Forex Concept

One of the best ways to improve your chances of Forex success is to either design or acquire a Forex trading strategy. This is because you can minimize your losses using such an approach.

What Has Happened to Gold Prices in the Last Century?

Gold has been a sought after item since the beginning of recorded history and has been used as a currency for exchange and investment for hundreds of years. In times gone by, gold was often traded along with silk, amber, rice and sugar along the ancient international trade routes that exist across China, India, Europe, and Asia.

Annuity Rates: Getting the Best Annuity Rates

It is strongly recommended that one gets the best annuity rates by availing the service of a whole of market annuity broker. And another major issue that one needs to bear in mind is that annuity interest rates start out big but reduce after the initial few years. So, it is all depending on you to find out diligently from various financial institutions so as to clinch a good deal throughout the term of the contract.

Protection For Mortgage Payments

It is not only important for a borrower to protect the repayment of the outstanding capital balance on their mortgage in the event of death, it is also very important to protect the payments of both the interest and capital against a breadwinner’s loss of earnings. The loss of an individual’s earned income may typically arise through accident, sickness or redundancy. Regardless of the underlying cause however, the effect can be devastating for the family as a whole which could ultimately lead to the property either being sold or repossessed.

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