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How to Handle Difficult Clients

Are you one of the brokers who do not have the faintest idea on how to deal with difficult clients? If yes, read on so that you won’t be running the next time you face this kind of situation.

Business Valuation Case Study – The Canteen

The following case study is designed to give prospective business acquirers, business owners, financiers, and advisors some insight into the role an independent business valuation may have in identifying mispricing of assets and grounding expectations regarding price and value. The Canteen is a local franchised restaurant and pub serving quality lunches at reasonable prices at ten area locations in the tri-city area.

How the Money Order Came About

If a person is looking for a good way to pay for certain services without using their personal checks, then perhaps a money order is the way to go. Money orders are a prepaid method of payment for services or goods. Many merchants, such as those who provide essential services, like electricity, may prefer to have money orders sent to them instead of checks.

Government Grants – What Can I Use Them For?

There are a lot of Government Grants available. All you need to know are the requirements and how to apply.

Gas Prices – Isn’t It Exciting To Burn Your Life Savings?

Do you remember just a handful of years ago when gas was around $1 per gallon? How terrible were those days! All the money left over in our bank account gave us no choice but to travel with our families, pursue new economic opportunities, and enjoy life in general.

And You Wonder Why Americans Are Broke?

A month ago I wrote about Americans who, despite carrying an average household debt of $8,500, continue to spend, spend, spend and rack up further debt. It’s apparent–at least to me–that we have no problem spending money, even if it’s money we don’t have. With that post in mind, do you recall recently getting a letter from the IRS informing you about the new “economic stimulus plan” and the resulting $600 (single) to $1,200 (married filing jointly) check that will soon be coming your way?

Government Grants – Are They Secure?

There are a lot of people out there trying to get grants. Before you apply, you want to be sure that you are looking at something that is secure. Make sure you can trust the source of the grant.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense During a Recession

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Money Talk Monday! The Dow slid another 150 points or so this week, but that’s OK.

Parkinson’s Law In Finance

There is this theory known as “Parkinson’s Law.” In the context of finance, it means “the more you EARN, the more you will SPEND.” Many of us were illusioned with this myth, “If this person is a director of a company, this person is a big shot, this person is running his own business…. this person must be filthy RICH! This person, for sure, has LOTS and lots of money.” My humble experience as a financial associate tells me otherwise.

7 Things You Must Know Before Getting Any Financial Instruments

In my course of work as a financial associate, I meet literally hundreds and hundreds of people out there with different types of personalities, different types of attitudes and different types of attributes when it comes to the topic of money. There are really lots of financial instruments out there that you can use. I will like to share with you 7 things you MUST know before making decisions to get the financial instruments.

Fractional Ownership – How to Live Like a Multi-Millionaire

Fractional Ownership allows you to have the utilization of the things you wish for, when you wish for them — without the headaches, expense and responsibility of full ownership. With fractional ownership, an expensive asset (jet, yacht, vacation home, classic car, vineyard) is jointly owned with a group of other individuals; each individual owns a proportional share of the asset and has clearly defined rights and privileges pertaining to the utilization of the asset. A management company provides the stability and structure to allow share owners effortless and predictable access to the asset.

Business Finance with Equity Finance

It has been said that nearly 61% of businesses are launched with either private capital or capital that is invested into their business by family and friends but investment doesn’t have to stop with merely just your family and friends, which is why equity finance exists. Equity finance is cash that is invested into your business in return for a share of your business. These investments of cash never have to be repaid and don’t have interest attached to them.

Fresh Banking in Spain (2)

Recently I read a “letter to the editor,” in a local foreign newspaper. The British author couldn’t understand how “things work here.” in Spain. The subject was banking…

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