Bitcoin CRASH! What War Means for Crypto (Russia vs Ukraine)

Money Defined

Many people define wealth by the amount of money a person has. Money definitely plays a roll in wealth, but what is money? If you look at money literally, it’s small pieces of paper and little pieces of metal. It can be measured by the numbers we print on it and the value we instill in it, but money is essentially a concept.

5 Tips To Cut Fuel Costs

Are you fed up of rising fuel costs? In particular U.K. fuel prices are increasing at an alarming rate and for those individuals who need to use their car for work, the mounting fuel costs must be a nightmare. Below are some simple tips that can help to cut your fuel costs and save you money…

The Benefits of Financial Software Programs for Businesses

Businesses need a solid financial system. Hence, financial software are put in place to facilitate efficiency and productivity. This article enumerates some of the benefits to businesses of using a reliable finance software.

The Debt Deception

Debt is often presented as our friend. However, it is not the type of friend we can trust.

Time Vs Money

As human beings, we’re bound by two concepts, time and money. Many of us trade our time for money. Others leverage their money and buy people’s time. Still others invest their money to make more money. Regardless of what people are doing with their time and money, they fall into four categories:

Global Investing May Prove Profitable

The debt crisis in Europe, which continues to worsen, as leaders remain divided and without a resolution, has taken a swipe at the markets overseas. The region has been taking blow since it first entered a recession back in February of last year.

The Legendary Charles Nenner

Charles Nenner is the founder and president of the Charles Nenner Research Center. This research center has seen the provision of market research in many entities all over the world.

Explaining The Types of Factoring

Factoring is a financing tool where the unpaid invoices of a business are sold to a third party or factoring organization to finance the working capital needs. This releases funds for improved cash flows and facilitates smooth business operation and expansion. The factoring company charges certain interest for this and waits for realization of the payments from the customers.

Important Factors You Must Consider Before Opting For A Financing Product

Understanding the specific need for which you seek finance is extremely important. For example, you might need finance to boost your working capital, for buying equipment, for buying or leasing land, etc. You also need to look at the current status of your business and its assets to understand how much of an interest rate and security requirements you will be able to meet and tailor your finance product accordingly.

What Are Credit Card Penalty Fees?

Card owners are often charged with penalty fees when they exceed their credit limit. If you are a cardholder, you must familiarize yourself with what these fees are for.

A Higher Cliff to Climb

There is a lot of talk about the fiscal cliff, the period at the end of this year when a whole slew of tax cuts originated by the Bush administration expire. While I think it’s important to be aware of this cliff, there is another, potentially more important event I want you to keep your eyes on. It doesn’t have a cute name yet, but I’m calling it the Rollover Cliff.

3 Ways To Avoid Financial Envy

There are things in our lives that we feel entitled to. Sometimes, when those things do not come to pass as we expected, we also become bitter. At times, that bitterness is directed toward one person that we feel wronged us. Other times, we let anyone who crosses our path feel the wrath. That is not the way that God wants us to live. Let’s look at three ways to keep grudges from stealing our joy.

Offshore Bank Service

Offshore bank service is today becoming more and more popular. The offshore banks have become invaluable for people who live in politically unstable countries, and the current political upheavals in a number of countries around the world mean that off shore banking will still remain as popular as ever.

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