Bitcoin CRASH (Was $69k the TOP of the Crypto Market?)

The New Wave – ECN Trading

I am always amused when I read trading forums and the resounding theme is that that brokers are crooks. While, it may be true that some companies are chop shops, the majority of the larger firms are likely providing an honest service. The excitement for retail trades moving over from equities to forex was the lure of commission free trading. Granted there is a spread it is a nice perk. However, just over a year after the first wave of traders get accustomed to the foreign exchange some companies began offering an ECN trading gateway.

A Conspiracy Against USD!

The oil may be not be priced in USD by 2018. It will be replaced by the new basket of currencies.

Auto Robot Forex Trading Systems

Recently, trading in the Forex market has been the hype for many of us. Recession is everywhere in the world. Many of us were looking for some quick way to earn some extra money in order to sustain in this kind of condition. Not all of us are good in trading the Forex market, one can easily burn their hand quite badly if they do not have proper fundamental knowledge in trading Forex.

Forex Trading Software Reviews – To Help You Choose the Best Forex Trading Software

The Forex trading represents something that is unique from the shares and stock trading. For that reason, the difference asks you to be prepared to handle it professionally.

Forex Automated Day Trading – Finding a Good Day Trading System

Is Forex automated day trading a reality or is it a pipe dream? Having tested many trading systems and software, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of them while perhaps profitable in the short term, are not profitable over the long run.

Forex Day Trading Training – Where Can I Get Day Trading Training?

Forex trading has become a hot topic over the past few years. You may have seen the ads and the claims of people making thousands a day and quitting their job. The reality is that this is not an easy business and it is not easy money and if you are interested in doing Forex day trading it will require a bit of training. There are plenty of training programs and gurus out there willing to take your money, so how do you learn this business, through DVDs a software program or books?

Forex Aggregation

Banks have historically been the principle source of liquidity and major market makers in Forex market. Banks dealing in Forex and other providers of liquidity to the market are referred to as sell-side players. A customer (including a multinational bank or a treasurer) interested in engaging in Forex transaction was required to call his/her bank and place a ‘Request for Quote’ (RFQ).

Forex Mechanical Trading Systems – Should I Use a Mechanical Trading System?

Using a Forex mechanical trading system is probably a wise decision. A mechanical system has distinct advantages over a discretionary system, which can be very subjective. Also in a discretionary system the users emotions can become very clouded by emotion especially if you are losing lots of money or are tired. Furthermore studying charts, using multiple indicators and following news is very time consuming and confusing especially when you have conflicting signals.

Trading Forex With Moving Averages

Moving Averages are popular and common trading indicators, used by countless traders worldwide. They are one of the oldest and more tested analysis tools in the markets, used for decades. In this article we will describe several trading methods and their strengths and weaknesses.

Breaking Out of a Bad Forex Strategy – How the Breakout Forex Strategy Increases Success

The number of individuals getting involved in Forex trading has increased significantly, primarily due to the marketing of various automated trading systems. These robots have prompted those dreaming of getting rich quick into becoming new Forex traders. The truth is, over 95% of those new traders end up losing money instead of seeing their dreams realized. They need to understand that it takes more than just technology to play the market. You need to be involved in the process itself.

Automated Forex Trading – How to Discipline Your Trading With Automated Forex Trading

Have you want ever wondered why, when all tools are available to every trader, a majority of traders lose money consistently. It just goes to show that tools and software are not an automatic passport to success. And that the human element is a vital ingredient in the mix.

Automated Forex Trading – The Pros and Cons of Automated Forex Trading

All too often these days, automated trading, and automated trading software is touted as a magic passport to making a lot of money, even for people who know nothing about the Forex markets. If you were to believe this hype, all you need to do is to buy a Forex robot, plug it into a trading platform like Metatrader 4, watch the money roll in and become a millionaire overnight. This hype will also quoted examples about how people have made thousands of dollars on every trade.

Forex Trading Signals – Mistakes to Avoid in Using Forex Trading Signals

All over the Internet, you would see advertisements for fee-based trading signals, and trading software that promise to make you a millionaire overnight or make other claims that are equally absurd. Common sense should tell you that get rich quick schemes do not work and the only way to make money trading in the Forex markets is to have a long-term plan with realistic expectations of returns and a sensible strategy.

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