PAMM Accounts

PAMM Accounts (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a trading account that consists of one or several accounts of investors which form one whole trading structure where the trading is carried out by the Manager. The principal of PAMM functioning is sharing the profits and losses in proportion. PAMM account is a convenient financial instrument for the Investor as it maximally simplifies the procedure of investing, minimizing the risks as well as for the Manager as it provides convenient ways of managing Investors’ accounts.

Top Brokerage Firms

If you are trading FOREX then one of the most important parts of your trading system involves what broker you are going to use. There are some that are…

Forex – How to Begin Trading

How would you like to be part of the most liquid, largest financial market in the world? Forex trading is no longer an unattainable job. With a little research, some good automated forex software and some basic tools you can enter the world of forex trading.

Forex For Newbies – Tips on How to Start Trading Effectively

There are a lot of great financial opportunities to be found in the Internet today and one of which comes from Forex trading. There is a misconception that currency trading is reserved for those large organizations and financial institutions that have the money to back up their investments.

Difference Between Directional and Non Directional Trading Strategies

Directional and non directional trading strategies are two types of strategies used by all traders, regardless of the type of financial market. These two categories may require various approaches as well as different levels of trading education and requirements.

Forex Option – Non Directional Trading Tips

The use of non directional trading tips is an integral part of the trading process implemented by expert marketers and business agents due to the important lessons it has given them. The business market is a very dangerous and incomprehensible place for people who do not understand the risks and challenges present in the different factors involved.

Non Directional Trading Strategy

The use of non directional trading has been established as the safest and most reliable from of investing in the currency trading market since it uses a proven and well taken mechanism of currency use. The principle of non directional trading relies on the notion that currency in relation to its value can be used as an investment in itself.

Take Help of FX Charts to Identify Whether a Currency is Getting Stronger Or Weaker

An FX chart is a graph depicting a specific currency pair’s movement over a given period of time. FX charts bear labels of currency pair they pertain to. For example USD/GBP, USD/INR, EUR/GBP etc. In forex market various currencies are priced in currency pairs. The GBP/USD chart will indicate how the GBP and U S dollar compare.

Basics of Forex Option Trading

Option trading which is commonly associated with stock trading is popular in forex market too. There are two types of forex option trading….

What You Need to Look For in a Forex Trading Platform

If you’re new to the world of forex, then there are two things that are essential; a trading account, and a trading platform. A trading platform is a software-based or preferably web-based interface that allows you to manage your trading account. There are a variety of platforms on the market, but which one should you go for? Here are some of the common features you need to look for in a forex trading platform.

Take the Hassle Out of Forex Trading With Automatic Forex Trading Systems and Get to Business

For about a hundred dollars you could acquire any number of Forex trading programs that claim to produce you a gold mine despite the fact that you sit back and take it easy. Astonishingly, traders are still buying these systems, in spite of knowing that just about all traders are currently losing money, which might not be the situation if these systems held up to their agreement.

A Forex Trading Plan For Getting Rid of Your Indicators

You probably have seen a million forex trading plans which involve using countless indicators like Stochastics, MACD, Moving averages, etc. Well… I thought I would do something a bit different. I would talk about a forex trading plan that got rid of all your indicators, through the use of price action.

3 Ugly Lies About Forex Trading Tips

There are many articles and resources in the internet about Forex trading tips. But how would a would-be trainee discern the truth from a lie? Well that will not be easy I reckon. Looking for a reliable broker is not easy also but it will be easier to learn when you have a mentor to guide you.

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