Biggest Ethereum Adoption of 2022 Hits Twitter! (Why Gaming NFT Could FAIL)

Social Media: User or Being Used?

Rarely a week goes by without a new controversy being introduced around Google or Facebook’s use of users’ private information. Such news makes it clear that though social media at first seemed mean to entirely benefit users, its advantage has increasingly become skewed (at least more openly so) toward companies. In the job market, this transformation chronologically coincides with companies paying less and less attention to job boards and increasing the value of networking, both in the social media sense and the traditional one.

What Does A Growth Mindset Have To Do With Income?

You have been told that you can’t be wealthy all your life. It’s a mindset that has been drilled into you since you were a kid and it’s a tough one to change.

Why The Dollar Will Collapse

We will go to bed one night and wake up the following morning to a very different world. The dollars in our wallet and checking account will be worth much less than they were the day before (if worth anything at all).

Prevent Payroll Check Fraud With Prepaid Payroll Cards

Payroll check fraud is becoming increasingly common as some unscrupulous employees find it relatively easy to cash-in on their employers’ paper payroll processes. The crime itself is rather simple to do. An employee will typically forge a payroll check at his or her local bank by making a copy of an authentic check. Since banks process hundreds of checks on a daily basis, most of these copied checks make it through the system without notice until the business later discovers and reports the fraud to the bank.

Why to Start Trade Binary Options Today

There are a number of reasons why traders new and old are turning to binary options en masse. In this article we have stated some of the reasons why more and more people new to the binary options have been joining this new trend.

Using Insurance As an Investment Strategy

With the massive increases to our taxes taking place on January 3rd (barring any major changes), the notion of avoiding taxes or simply delaying payment becomes all the more attractive. Since the 1980’s when deductions were largely eliminated except for mortgage interest and charitable contributions, it has become increasingly difficult to protect your hard earned money from the “redistributionists” who want to give it to someone else. Insurance is something you should consider.

How to Buy Insurance On Your Stock Positions

Member questions frequently drive S.A.F.E. Insights and this week’s is no different. With the market at all-time highs, but the underlying economy still in question, many people are wondering if they can protect their positions that have in many cases restored their wealth. The answer is yes, you can insure your positions and it is not that difficult.

Sequestration – “The Sky Is Falling” (Again?)

Chicken Little, that famous feathered friend who cried “the sky is falling” is at it again. Politicians all over Washington are shouting out that if “sequestration hits” the end will occur; no police, no fire, no air controllers, no food safety… nothing! Well forgive me if I’m a little cynical about this. How many times in the past have we heard this from these people who find their power strengthened by creating fear that the end is near? Let’s remember, “Sequestration” was a political gimmick created by President Obama because the last time these non-leaders couldn’t settle on a budget, Obama created this to politically get them all off the hook with the voters. So what’s really going on?

Why Silver ETFs Are Integral to Your Portfolio?

Investing in Silver; which has been a done thing in most portfolios, is bound to reach a climax in short terms as all market pointers are decisively hinting at an outbreak. The aberration between the output and consumption is testing the historical highs and Physical Silver Metal is seriously becoming scarce. Those who consider the current white metal deficit to be a capitalistic hoax must try buying a simple one ounce silver medallion in a market where most credible selling agencies are charging as much as thirty percent premium on the spot prices, but even with this price anomaly, supplies are still limited towards the retail end users or customers who want to buy small quantities of the white metal.

Where to Find Hundreds, If Not Thousands In Your Normal Budget

I am asked all the time the question, “if people don’t have a savings account or anything else, where should they start building a positive financial future?” My answer is always, start at the beginning and what I mean by that is that folks who do not have any money to start must start by saving small amounts first and growing into larger amounts. OK but where do those small amounts come from?

Restoring America By Educating Our Next Generation!

What could possibly be more important than preserving our nation and our freedom for the next generation? If you agree with that statement than you agree with The Society that educating our young people in finance & economics is an absolutely critical item that needs to be accomplished in order to promote prosperity for the next decades. The questions of course that we must ask are what do we do and how do we do it; otherwise we’re no more than the talking heads who complain, but provide no solution, and far be that from The Society.

Let’s Tax The Corporations! Or Should We?

America faces many challenges to sustain its economic leadership. One of the hot topics is “corporate taxation”. Do higher corporate taxes lead to economic growth? The answer might surprise you!

Trading Plan: Its Essentials And Proper Creation

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This statement has been used many times in different industries. More so, it is proven to be right in so many ways. Rushing to the stock market to make investments without a definite trading plan can make you lose all the funds in your account.

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