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School Fundraiser Tips

Article with great information and tips and having a successful school fundraiser for your kids! Get advice on planning a school fundraiser

Frugal Tips for Winter

Cold weather is coming and energy costs are on the rise! These tips will help you stay warm and stay within your budget!

Bank Operations Risk – Missing the Point

Many people thing that the Basel II Capital Adequacy Requirements for Operational Risk are aimed at collecting loss data. They are making a mistake. The heart of the matter is the need for appropriate risk managemant.

Offshore Merchant Accounts

Many people are interested in ways to reduce their current tax liability with the current business they have. They may be concerned about ways to move some of their assets offshore without public notification.

Lower Your Credit Card APR

APR often matters the most while deciding for a credit card. It is a common (and correct) notion that credit cards with additional benefits invariably have high APRs

What Exchange Rates Exactly Are

You hear about foreign exchange market, FX, forex, exchange rates etc everyday but things aren’t exactly clear for you. Here are some pieces of information that will hopefully help you understand these quite confusing terms.

A Brief History of the Exchange Rates

Where did these exchange rates come from? Have they always been used in relation to foreign currencies? How did they evolve along the years?

Men, Women and Their Finances

What do you worry about most when it comes to your finances and debt or your credit card repayments? It seems that men and women have different outlooks and think differently about their finances.

Salary and Benefits Basics

In today’s scenario when the escalating prices are touching the sky, it becomes essential that your salary is able to provide you a satisfactory life in which all your basic necessities and a little more than that are comfortably met.

Series 6 Test – Get a Series 6 License

The Series 6 exam is a 100 question test that if passed, will license you to sell mutual funds, annuities and more. Series 6 licensed agents can make an unlimited income.

Know Your Financial Comfort Level

Credit counseling organizations have the opportunity to educate a wide variety of people through, both one on one counseling and public seminars. It is noticeable that socioeconomic boundaries are nearly non-existent when looking at the lack of financial knowledge and discipline.

UCITS – 1985 – 2004

The Single Market for Investment Funds When the original Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) Directive was adopted in December 1985, Jacques Delors’ idea of a “single market” had only just emerged and the “Single European Act” with the now all too familiar “1992 objectives” had yet to be endorsed.

How to Open an Offshore Bank Account

Many banks require a physical interview but not all of them do for a bank account formation. It is still largely possible to open your offshore account by mail.

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