Bad Habits Keep You From Your Financial Goals

Bad habits can cost you time and money. Both can keep you from reaching your financial goals.

3 Steps to Personal Financial Success – Part I: Goal Setting

Want to be a Financial Success? It is not as hard as you may think! Here is the 1st part in the three part series, “3 Steps to Personal Financial Success”.

Haggling: Give Yourself A Raise

Developing the skill of haggling can add to your bottom line.

Top Tips to Get What You Pay For Online

Knowing what to do when shopping online, along with things that shouldn’t be attempted, will help insure all your online shopping experiences are great ones.

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance – Understanding The Basics

It’s important to understand the value of insurance policies such as life insurance, mortgage protection, critical illness and income protection. Life is full of uncertainties and you need to be prepared for any unexpected short-comings that may come your way!

Term Life Insurance: Finding Your Rate Online

Term life insurance rates vary more than most people might imagine. Depending on the life insurance company you choose, you could end up paying a lot higher rates for the same policy.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Helping the “uninsurable” secure coverage is challenging. Clients who have health problems or have been denied coverage in the past still need life insurance. One option is guaranteed issue life insurance. Given the high risk nature of coverage, few insurers offer it. However with a little preparation and extra effort, you can find the right policy.

Canadian Term Insurance Explained

Canadian term insurance may be a new idea for many people who think of whole life insurance as simply a policy you pay throughout your lifetime, but term insurance is actually a better option for most people for several reasons.

The Top 10 Ways to Reduce Expenses When You’re Between a Rock and a Hard Spot

If you’re in a career transition with limited financial reserves or up to your neck in alligators from overspending, run to, not from the problem. The longer you carry this issue around the heavier it will get. Choose to implement all of these action items to immediately reduce your spending. Better yet, make it a game to see how low you can get your expenses…you just might find that less is more.

A Fathers Dilemma: Can We Help Our Children, Without Crippling Them?

On kids and “helping them:” β€œThe problem is finding a way we can give that doesn’t cripple the ambition and thinking of the recipient.” says, author of Good Debt, Bad Debt, Jon Hanson Is delayed gratification good for kids?

Six Steps to Raising Financially Responsible Teens

I Bonds: Higher Interest, Safe as CDs and Money Market Funds

Financial planners advocate keeping between six to twelve months of after-tax income in a money market account or CDs. Both require you to accept extremely low interest rates. You can do better! I-Bonds are a new government savings bond guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury. Your money is 100% safe and earns twice the rate of money market or CD accounts!

Green Card: Don’t Pay to Get One!

The very first spam ever sent was from a couple of lawyers who offered to help people get a Green Card if they paid the law firm a small fee. A Green Card, for those of you that don’t know, is a proof of permanent resident alien status from the feared Immigration and Naturalization Service and.. it’s free, if you qualify. So you don’t need to pay anyone for anything. Here’s how…

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