3 Approaches For a New Trader in the Forex Market

The forex markets are absolutely huge. Every day approximately 3 trillion U.S. Dollars are traded around the world, most of this is speculative money. I am quite sure that most of the people, I mean the average traders, are never able to really get ahead with their trading accounts.

Currency Trading Strategy

Many traders and businessmen use currency trading strategy to help them comprehend the currency trading market and find the best ways to earn without taking too many risks. It is very important that a person considers the advice coming from the currency trading strategy since the currency trading market is a very confusing field.

A Newbies Guide to Forex Trading Formulas

Forex trading seems like a very vague industry, most especially if it is your first time to deal with this kind of business. If you’re not armed with the right apparatus, you might get lost on your way, and eventually die out of innocence.

Forex Profits – 3 Myths of Forex Trading the Majority of Losers Believe

If you want to make big Forex profits then you need to avoid the myths we are going to look at in this article, most traders believe them and if you do you will lose. Let’s look at the Forex market myths you need to avoid to enjoy Forex success, here they are:

Forex Gridbot Review

The forex gridbot is one of the newest and most advanced forex robots to hit the market in 2009. The makers claim it is “the most advanced forex robot for 2009”, but is it really living up to the hype? We’ll answer that question in this forex gridbot review.

Working With a Forex Broker

Know a lot about a Forex broker before choosing him/her. Conduct a research regarding his/her background, and all historical activities. Find out what are his/her profit/loss record like? Plan a meeting with your potential Forex broker and spend some time trying to know him/her in more depth. If the Forex broker you’re willing to hire doesn’t show much interest for your case and doesn’t give you any personalized service, don’t waste your money hiring such Forex broker.

Perfecting Your Expert Advisors – Winning Trading Signals

Entries are undoubtedly the most important aspect of any Expert Advisor (automatic trading robot). A matter of a few pips can be the difference between losing or winning. In this article I will describe the popular ways of increasing the probability of entries, and the ways to profit using better entries.

The 2 Emotions That You Must Overcome to Be a Successful Forex Trader and 3 Solutions to Achieve It

Most currency trading training resources tend to focus on 2 things, fundamental and technical analysis and neglect or have little emphasis on the most important attribute of a successful investor – his mindset. The 2 emotions that all successful investors must overcome are …

The Basics of Forex Trading

It is really not that tough to get a hang of Forex trading once you get an idea about how it works. Just like any other thing, there are certain basics terms and techniques; which you are required to know in order to understand and get a grip on Forex trading.

Is LMT Forex Formula a Scam?

One of the latest Forex packages released is the LMT Forex Formula. Does it work or is it a scam? Find out in this article.

Honest LMT Forex Formula Review

LMT Forex Formula is the latest product from Dean Saunders, creator of the 10 minute forex wealth builder. That product was a huge hit, will this one be the same? And if so does it deserve it? Find out in this complete and honest LMT Forex Formula Review.

Forex Trading Scams – Do Not Buy Any Forex Products Until You Read This

Many traders who have just start forex trading often believe that there are plenty of profitable forex trading systems out in the market. It is actually the marketing and ‘packaging’ that makes the forex products look very classy, fantastic and expensive. But are these products really as good as it looks and worth your money or are they scams?

Money Management in Forex Trading (Part II)

Developing good money management rules is key to your success in Forex trading. Don’t use proper money management and you will never succeed in the long run.

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