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The Oldest Trading Strategy is the Best Trading Strategy

Price action is the oldest strategy in the world of forex trading. It’s a trading method is of the technical analysis type. It seems ridiculous that the old strategy going is unknown to so many. Ask some of today’s new traders what price action is and they’ll look at you blankly. A few may have heard of it, but you can practically guarantee that no one will know how it works.

First Lesson in Trading – Lose the Indicators!

If you’re looking or a crash course in trading then you’ve come to the right place. The course is very short however, in fact in consists of one lesson. In that lesson there is only one subject: get rid of your indicators! Yes, you heard right, clear your charts and get rid of every indicator that you use.

Using Support and Resistance to Trade on Forex

When the phrase “support and resistance” is used, many forex traders immediately think of the lines that your indicators put on your charts for you. I can’t blame you if that’s what you’re thinking of. These lines however are just static formulas. They may occasionally work, but its sheer coincidence. You will have to learn to figure out for yourself whereabouts on your chart the real support and resistance areas are.

Price Action – The Best Forex Trading Method

The most frequently asked question regarding the forex market must surely be; “what’s the best method to make money”. My answer every time is “price action”. The idea behind this method is that you can trade on the market yourself, without wasting time and money on indicators. In other words, you are doing the work, not some autopilot.

Dispelling the Main Forex Trading Myths

When new traders first enter the forex market, they are bombarded with tales and myths. Unfortunately, being rookies they tend to believe them. Here are the top 3 forex trading myths.

Discretion in Forex Trading

The best forex trading method is what all forex traders search for. While there’s nothing wrong with that, they need to be made aware that you should be the actual trader and not use mechanical means. To be a successful forex trader you must also display discretion.

Forex Trading Methods

It seems ironic that what is widely recognised as the best forex trading method is criminally underused. We call this method ‘price action’ and it’s as old as the stock exchange itself.

Learning to Be a Day Trader

Lots of new traders feel very intimidated as they try and learn to be day traders. We would all love to be able step out of the rat race and work from home, but a lot of traders seem uncertain about the whole process of day trading. The general consensus amongst traders is that to be a successful day trader you have to be an expert at the market. They think that the chances of success are so slim they don’t bother trying.

Ivybot Review – Does it Really Live Up to the Expectations?

The Ivybot developed by Byron and his team from the Ivy League universities is making waves in the forex market. The Ivybot uses a complicated and well appointed algorithm for its trading practices thus making it a more sophisticated ystem. The ivybot is a fully automated system which is very useful for those who lack time or the experience that is required to make it big at the forex market.

Forex Megadroid Review – What Makes it Outstanding From Others?

There are so many reviews about the Forex Megadroid each one describing it efficiency but one cannot avoid to ask if at all it is real? There are in fact many good reviews about the Forex Megadroid and its performance in the recent times claiming it to be the front runner among other software.

Managed Forex – Effective Ways to Keep on Track

Although there are quite a lot of money management techniques and trading strategies available to manage your Foreign exchange accounts each one differ according to the individuals needs. There only one end result for the managed forex activity it results either in a profit or a loss but the ultimate goal is to maximize he profit and minimize the loss. If you are new to Forex and would like to try your luck then hiring an expert adviser who can take care of your investment plans is a good idea.

Foreign Currency Trading – Developing Your Own Strategies

There are only two things that make a big difference in the Forex currency trading which makes a huge impact on your trading career, either the best use of strategy or the lack of it. For many reasons people like to be a part of foreign currency trading but the use of strategy decides their success.

Automated Currency Trading – Forex Market Through Automated Currency Trading For Profit

As the world gets smaller due to fast information availability, Forex trading became a reachable financial investment to everyone who knows how to use the computer and internet. Since the trend is in automation due to fast results and less physical efforts, even Forex trading became quite popular with automatic trading software.

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