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Information on Unclaimed Federal Funds

Unclaimed Federal Funds total billions in the US and some might be yours. The Federal Government holds over $33 billion in unclaimed property. Efforts are made to trace the rightful owners of the unclaimed federal funds but often with no success. What makes a search for unclaimed federal funds difficult is that there is no central database of unclaimed money in the government’s possession. Each federal agency keeps its own records of the unclaimed federal funds lying with it.

Government Grants – What You Need to Know

Government grants are merely finances offered by the government with no interest and which you need not to repay. These grants by the government are a great means if you wish to get financial assistance regardless of the credit ratings that you have.

Important Information For UK Expatriates in France

Tax and estate planning figure prominently in the list of priorities of many financially secure expatriate residents of France. The Napoleonic code which forms the base of succession law in France produces a fiscal inheritance environment which is totally alien to most of us.

What is the Bureau of Unclaimed Money?

The Bureau of Unclaimed Money is the one all inclusive source for your search. The problems with searching for unclaimed money is that each state and each federal government agency has its own databases of unclaimed assets in its possession.The Bureau of Unclaimed Money has the official databases of all 50 states at one convenient location. – You need not limit your search to just money that is due to you.

Applying For Grant Money – Can You Really Get Free Government Money?

Some say that there is billions of dollars in free government money and that you can simply apply for grants and get $50,000 just by filling out an application. That sure sounds like a great offer, but what’s the catch with government grant money. Is there really tons of cash just laying around waiting to be claimed by individuals?

Unclaimed Checks Total Millions!

Since the checks were either returned undelivered or were lost and never cashed, they are classified as unclaimed checks. If one state has this much, what will be the total amount of unclaimed checks lying in all the 50 states? And what about the federal government which has billions of dollars worth of unclaimed checks for tax refunds and unclaimed Treasury bonds?

Basics of Online Banking

Online banking has been supported by many banks and so the burden of visiting banks for small transactions has now been reduced. For those who are new to this form of banking, and the types of banks, here are a few basics to help them out with.

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

Over the many years that I’ve been working with clients who want to better their lives I’ve come across the goal of “financial freedom” – people looking for an end to financial worry (over 905 of males claim that it is their greatest source of worry), people looking for “passive income” or people wanting to have “more than enough”. But, what is “more than enough”? In a comment once attributed to Rockefeller (I’ve really no idea whether he said it or not) he is reputed to have said that “Enough is just one more!” Enough, perhaps, is never enough.

Applying For Personal Government Grants – Getting Your Cash Grant

Applying for a personal government grant is not as easy as just filling out a quick application and waiting for your cash grant money to be dumped on your front door. While there is billions of dollars in government and private grant money available to individuals, there is an art to getting approved for the most amount of money possible.

Financial Responsibility

The national debt has reached a number so obscene that most of us can’t even comprehend it. While there isn’t much we can do personally about the country’s debt, it should be an eye opener for all of us to begin to deal better with our own personal financial situations.

Debit Cards – Your Bridge to Good Credit

Have you tried applying for a credit card and got denied because of poor credit history? Then a debit card may just be the card you need to help boost your low credit score. What are debit cards and how do they work?

State Unclaimed Money – How to Find It

I have a secret, states have BILLIONS in unclaimed money. The bigger secret is this money is owed to millions of Americans all across the country. Read on to find out is you are one of them…

Unclaimed Accounts – Find and Claim Unclaimed Money

There is such a things as unclaimed accounts. These accounts become part of this real thing called unclaimed money. Read on to find out how to get some of this free money for yourself…

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