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What Is GAAP Accounting Principle And How Does It Work?

If everyone involved in the process of accounting had their own way, or followed no system at all, the organisation will be in total chaos and no one will ever get to know whether company made a profit or not. GAAP or ‘Generally Accepted Accounting Principles’ are devised just for one reason that keeps financial order into the system.

Calculating a Tip for a Taxi Driver

Tipping a taxi driver is something which is commonly expected in the United States. When you call taxi services for a ride, the driver is typically going to expect that you will tip them at the end of your ride. Many people worry about tipping in any situation though, as they are unsure what the right amount is to tip for the services that they are receiving.

Forecasting Your Dental Practice’s Future Operations

Forecasting is a vital part of any business valuation. Buyers do not purchase historical results. They buy what they perceive the company is expected to generate in the future. Although this expectation is often influenced by past results, future prospects are essential. At times, the expected future performance does not reflect historical performance.

The Need and Importance of Hiring Bookkeepers for Small Business

For firms of manageable size, it is important to hire bookkeepers for small business. This article talks more about hiring a right kind of person for bookkeeping and also tells if it is possible to handle things on your own.

3 Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom

Let me start off by saying that we live in a very distracted world currently, where consumerism is king. Just what is consumerism? It’s the thought or idea passed on my companies and marketers that we need every new gadget, gizmo or even latest designer suit that comes out. Now, let me ask you this. Just how much is enough. There are many out there with brand new designer clothes with the tags on them after a year’s time! READ ON…

Bank and Credit Union Automated Scheduling

Years ago, someone in the fast food industry thought it would be a good idea to introduce two drive through windows so that restaurants could better serve their customers. They believed they could operate more efficiently if the duties of accepting payment and delivering the food orders were separated. Unfortunately this idea was only good during peak operating hours which left one of the two windows vacant for the majority of the work day.

Sell Annuity For Lump Sum Cash Payment

Any investor that has been around for a while knows that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Not only can you make poor investing decisions, but other personal factors also come into play. Unexpected job losses, medical expenses, accidents, and other of life’s unpleasantries may place you in an immediate financial need. With some investments, it is quite easy to…

Start Your Financial Independence Today – It’s Easy And Fun And Gives You Peace Of Mind

Start earning big today. You need an extra income? Why not consider a passive income stream. It does not take much time or money, but can earn you quite a lot of money in the long run, without spending much time.

Why Yahoo Finance Is The Best Financial Website

Yahoo Finance is the best free solution for analytical Finance data on the internet. When I was a young Investment Banker, I used to use Yahoo Finance all the time to check on daily stock prices. It is absolutely great for young poor college professionals who don’t have much money and would like to learn more about Finance.

The Banks May Reduce Costs Through The Use Of Mobile Money

The Indian Economy is growing and the possible role of mobile money in the same may not be overstated. The author of The March of Mobile Money, Sam Pitroda, is an advisor to the PM on infrastructure and innovation. The main reason why he feels so passionately about his idea of digital wallet – the banks haven’t been able to reach the bottom of the pyramid yet. He firmly believes his idea will help reach the banks to these inaccessible markets.

Money Madness – More Money Does Not Make One Money Savvy

Did you realise that even celebrities are touched by money madness and some even end up losing everything? It is not just those of us who hold down ordinary jobs and live pretty ordinary lives that get swept up in money madness. If you feel that you are on that road or close to it then read on as it is never too late to change direction and leave money madness behind you. Read on to embrace money sanity and a brighter financial future.

How to Buy a Community Bank

As of this writing in October 2010, it is fair to say that de novo is dead. There may be some lucky investors that can convince the regulatory bodies to allow them new bank charters, but that is the exception to the rule.

Piagi Comments of the Irish Central Banks Bailout

Recent news saw Ireland’s central Bank lower its forecast for economic growth this year. Whilst making an announcement for the government to make greater cuts than had previously been planned in an effort to reduce its record budget deficit. The Irish economy, as measured by GDP (gross domestic product), will only expand 0.

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