Anyone Can Invest!

Home Finance Software – Taking Control of Your Finances

Personal finance software is also known as home finance software. This is because it is simply personal finance software that you use in your home. You can use different applications under the category for different purposes.

Is Passive Income a Reality Or Fantasy?

Residual and Passive income are strategies of the rich and you should take a leaf out of their book. It is not hard to find ways to generate this sort of income but may take a considerable effort to achieve it.

Back to Financial School

Can it be?! It’s hard to believe, but millions of people are preparing to go back to school already. Speaking of which I’ve noticed how Financial Literacy programs are beginning to pop up in schools now. At last! Maybe Home Economics (am I dating myself?) will take on a whole different meaning?

Online Auto Loans – Dive Into the World of Easy and Fast Loans to Gift Yourself With a Vehicle

The online auto loans no credit check are easiest and fastest way to get yourself the fund for buying a vehicle. The interest rate is much higher. This is because no security is involved and no credit check is done by the lenders. The tenure of repayment is shorter than the secured loans.

Online Banking in India

This article talks about the Impact of the Information and Technology Act, 2000 and also gives the advantages of the online banking system. It also talks about the history of online banking in India; the advantages and disadvantages of online banking.

Fun and Loathing With Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Government agencies increase mortgage costs by 30%. Home owner ship becomes cash cow for speculators thanks to Freddie and Fannie.

Any Purpose Loan on Urgent Basis!

If you are seeking for a low rate loan with some flexibility in loan repayment, payment protection on loans and easily affordable monthly installments, then you must be looking out for any purpose loan. Lower down your monthly charges of existing debts and merge them into a single consolidated loan so that your debts get easily trackable with a single account.

Your House is Not an ATM

In today’s economy, many homeowners are so far in debt there seems like there is no way out. From small business owners to students, seniors to stay-at-home moms, everyone seems to be struggling under a load too heavy to carry.

Financial Inequalities – Is it All Your Fault?

Many people always look for what I call “the whooping object” to lay all their financial blames on. They think it is the responsibility of the government or the company they work for to take care of their finances. I am here today to tell you that the financial imbalances/inequalities you are experiencing is all your fault.

Passive Income Can Be Residual Income Or Leveraged Income

You should be aiming for passive income instead of a daily salary. Passive income can be residual income or leveraged income.

Money Facts – Information is Power

In the information age many of us now realize how powerful it truly is. Yet so many of us are not informed on the facts! We must continue our education regardless of where we are in our lives today.

Interest Only

What has gone wrong with the financial lenders? Who has the required five (5) times the funds requested to act as collateral? Who has the necessary credit rating to justify such loans?

The Shocking Truth About Money and Banks!

The way that money is created is so different from what most people believe that when they hear it, they do into denial. Most people would rather hide from the truth than think about What really happens.

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