An URGENT Warning For ALL Crypto Investors

Interest Rates in 2012: What Does It Mean for Your Savings?

2011 wasn’t a great year for savers. A historically low Bank of England base rate, held at 0.5% since March 2009, has meant that saving account interest rates have come crashing down and meant that many savers may have found themselves losing out in real terms.

Why a Veterinarian Should Make Use of a Vet Wellness Plan

In the current strenuous financial climate, expenses like veterinary bills take unfortunately low priority for many pet owners in dire straits. However, by offering vet wellness plans that allow treatments to be paid for in flexible installments, practices will attract more business as owners will be able to get their pets the help they need.

The World’s Money Crises in a Nutshell

As the world was beginning to recover from the 2008 world financial crisis, another one was starting: the 2011 eurozone crisis. This article analyses these two crises ‘in a nutshell’. Before doing so, it discusses the underlying facts of banking and borrowing.

What Is Present Value and How Do You Use the Present Value Formula?

The most confusing thing about the Present Value and Past Value concepts is that in many business schools and also with many books, Present Value and Past Value are explained as though they’re the same thing. However, they are not the same. They are very different! Why the confusion? Because they use the same formula.

Consumers Urged To Look At Possible Missold PPI

The missold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal has been well documented in the press, but many people may not realise that they too are affected by it. In addition to many consumers being told that buying PPI was vital for credit agreements to go through, a large number of individuals did not even realise that they were buying an insurance product when they took out a loan.

Avoid Getting Taken to the Cleaners, the Poorhouse, or Worse – To Jail: Be Your Own Detective

Just last night on “American Greed” I heard the story of Stephen Trantel, the Long Island Bank Robber, and his former wife, Jeanne. Before Stephen was arrested for his crimes, Jeanne knew nothing of the family’s financial affairs-she merely received an allowance from her husband each week. She didn’t know what an ATM card was, let alone own one. As crazy as it sounds, a similar situation (minus the bank heists, we hope) could happen to too many of us. What clues can you use to avoid getting taken to the cleaners, the poorhouse, or worse–jail?

Business Credit Options For Entrepreneurs

When starting or expanding a business either online or offline, you’ll need start-up capital. Unless you are one of the lucky few who has plenty of cash to spare, you are going to have to find the money somewhere. There are several options you can explore.

Hire an Accountant and Start the Year 2012 Right

There are a lot of things that you need to know about finances if you want to have a prosperous year, and one of the best things that you can do in order to make it happen is to hire an accountant. By hiring a professional, you will be able to determine the places where you really need to place your money, and this will allow you to focus on building your wealth.

Financial Literacy’s Importance in the New Year

What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you think about the New Year? Resolutions! Yes, almost everyone in this world would take up new resolutions for the brand new year.

Self Directed IRA Accounts Top Money Management Solutions

When thinking about your retirement it is a good idea to consider a self directed IRA account as it has many advantages. This article will explain in more detail.

What Is the Present Value of an Annuity Formula and What Are Annuities?

If you already know the concept of Perpetuities, the concept of Annuities is very easy. It’s very similar to Perpetuities, only that the payments are not forever. Instead of forever, these payments come in only for a fixed time period.

We Killed Cash

Cash is not accepted! Yes, we do not want your bills and coins! As a store owner, I have decided not to accept cash.

Become PCI Compliant or Face Having To Stop Accepting Credit Cards

Security is a high priority and concern for consumers when paying for things with their credit cards. Customers do not want information being transmitted about them on an open internet. With millions of transactions taking place every year fraud prevention and PCI compliance is becoming more of a concern. Small vendors who have not prepared may lose the ability to accept credit cards if they do not implement PCI compliance.

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