$300 Billion Bitcoin & Crypto Market? + Coinbase NFT Beta Flop

Application For Government Grants – Precautions While Filing an Application For Government Grants

Application for government grants is no longer a cumbersome job. Everyone is eligible for billions of dollars of grant money. The best part is you do not have to repay them. There are plenty of grants available like business grants, college grants, real estate grants and medical grants.

Individual Emergency Cash Grants – Your Way to a Better Future

It is human nature to want to find ways to be on top of the world. We all have had dreams of becoming rich and famous, or at the very least, powerful enough to influence others into action, whether or not we have tons of money or popularity.

Government Grant Money – Is Government Grant Money For Real Or a Scam?

There has always been a debate whether the government grants money is for real or a scam. While the debate has a single answer, which is more like a close ended answer, the fact still remains that most people often consider government grants as a scam of sorts.

Choosing a Financial Planner – 10 Questions to Ask

There are a lot of reasons you might be considering getting help from a financial planner. Planning for retirement is usually a primary reason. Along with others like the education of your children, or buying a home or not having the know how to get your finances in order.

Cash Flow Planning – Cash is King

Cash Flow Planning is essential in maintaining a business. Cash is King. The objective in planning what revenue is coming in and what must be paid out in the same time frame is to help you establish some payment rules. This is Step 2 in our series of Cash Flow methods.

Is Your Money Safe in the Bank?

The subprime mortgage hit banks around the nation. Their stocks has plummeted last year, and nobody knows when it will stop. Business are currently very bad for them. It’s not a surprice to see loss from them. Analysts are predicting that up to 300 banks could fail. Many people now wondering if their money is safe in the bank.

What is the Credit Crunch and How Does it Affect Me?

We’ve all heard the term Credit Crunch all over the news and media recently, but what does it actually mean and how will it affect you? In basic terms, the Credit Crunch is where there is a sudden reduction in the availability of Credit and loans and / or a tightening of conditions and lending criteria that is required to lend money from Banks and Financial Institutions.

Even Sports Affected by the Credit Crunch

It’s alarming to note that even the world of sports is not immune to the credit crunch fallout. Recent media reports have listed a host of disturbing occurrences in the world of international and even local sports that do not bode well, all a direct result of the credit crunch, with more revelations and upsets sure to follow.

Free Money With Government Education Grants

While the cost to go to school continues to rise, government education grants can allow you to pay for college with money that you never have to repay. This is money that is budgeted by the federal government to provide students with the money they need to go to school and seek a higher education degree. The American economy cannot afford to hold people back from furthering their education, and government eduction grants are just one of the ways a student can get financial help to pay for school.

A History Making Year in Finances – Lessons Learned From 2008

Due to the enormity of the history-making events of the previous year, I feel compelled to give advice regarding how to make 2009 a better year. Events including huge interest rate deductions by the Federal Reserve; massive foreclosures and personal bankruptcies; daily market record-lows and record-highs; as well as what I feel is the most damaging event; the 50 billion dollar Ponzi Scheme run by Bernard Madoff.

The Seven Keys to Working Smarter – Not Harder

In order to be successful in business and in life you need to learn to work smarter, not harder. In this article you will learn how to do just that for your business and in your day to day life.

Free Minority Grant Money From the Government

If you are a minority American citizen, you may qualify to receive minority grant money that can be used for your personal use. This is money that can be obtained from the government or other private foundations that support minority initiatives, and once you receive this cash you may never have to pay it back.

The Gold-To-Oil and Gold-To-Silver Ratios – What Are They Saying?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the gold-to-oil and gold-to-silver ratios. This is understandable, as both ratios are further out of whack than they have been for a long time. The gold-to-oil ratio, for one, is now at ten-year highs. The gold-to-silver ratio is similarly extended, though not by nearly as much as gold-to-oil.

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