$2B Bitcoin DRAINED from Exchanges (Gaming Giant Sega Creating “Super” Crypto Game)

Here’s Your Checklist For Effective Invoices

These days, no one can afford late payments. That’s why I’ve put together a checklist to help you make sure your invoices are working as hard as they can (so you don’t have to!).

Buy Signals With the RSI and Bullish Reversal Candlestick Patterns

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a fairly popular indicator that can tell you whether a stock or a currency pair is overbought or oversold. RSI value ranges between 0 and 100. Values below 30 indicate that the market is oversold and above 70 means that the market is overbought.

How to Choose a Good Financial Advisor – A Lawyer’s Perspective

How to choose a good financial advisor and finding the best one for you is much like interviewing candidates seeking employment; you are the employer and the advisor is the employee. Working in the area of estate planning, I can offer some criteria I look for in light of my experience working with financial professionals.

Bad Credit Mortgage – Important Facts

If you have bad credit history then getting a mortgage can be a little difficult for you. After the sub prime mortgage bust, most of the mortgage lenders have limited their lending options. They now lend money to only those borrowers who have high credit scores.

Financing Your Government Contracts With Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is a very good way for businesses to generate the capital necessary to fund government contracts. Government contracts are in hot demand. They provide companies with business that can be counted on and that also pays well.

Earthquake Relief and Recovery Efforts in Haiti – True Or False, Know Which Ones to Use Or Lose

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Former Presidents Bush and Clinton went to GoDaddy to set up websites to collect donations for relief and recovery efforts in Haiti. Bush and Clinton weren’t alone. Over 400 domain names were registered in a week following the disaster in Haiti with website names that refer to Haiti with names that include “earthquake,” “help,” “victim,” “survivor” and “aid.

Federal Grants For Women

Were you aware the US government gives away billions of greenbacks each year in federal grants for women? Do you know that it never needs to be repaid? Do you know the government sets aside some of it exclusively for women?

Why Technical Analysis Works?

Can you drive your car forward while looking in the rearview mirror? Of course not! Then how can past prices provide possible clues about the future price movements. This fact has intrigued many academicians that how technical analysis can work when it has nothing but past price movements to rely on. But work it does.

Why Banks Are Doing Better Than Wall Street Media Portrays Them to Be

Banks are returning to profitability and mending there wounds. Wall Street media may be saying sell but they are all buying! Find out why it matters, what this means for you, and where the opportunities are moving forward! Start building your empire.

What is Holistic Financial Planning?

One of the newer phrases to find its way into the vocabulary of today’s more progressive financial planners is “holistic financial planning”. So what does it mean and why now? Also is this newer type of all inclusive financial planning something that you can benefit by?

Is Money the Source of Evil?

Is money really the source of all the evil on Planet Earth? Well, this is a rather difficult question. Let us consider two points of view and give pros and cons to each.

The Benefits of Using Third Party Collection Agencies

A standard debt collection agency works on behalf of businesses to help collect any overdue accounts reaching over the specified terms. Did you know that to be a licensed collection agency you have to send out a written demand? According to the ACA, (American Collectors Association) 65% of all money is collected off of that 1 letter. Why would you pay a large percentage for a letter service…

Financial Education As a Part of the Contemporary Life

Modern life dictates us its rules in everyday situations. Things have changed a great deal for the past decades. Scientific breakthroughs and rapid political changes have led to the permutations in the minds of contemporary people. Things that were necessary and important to learn twenty or thirty years ago now have lost their importance. And vice versa – new sciences and occupations appear almost on a weekly basis. Besides, some subjects that were given less importance those days, are considered literally “a must” for a modern life.

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