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Want to Break the Monotony of your Work? Try an Unsecured Holiday Loan

For how long will you continue with the same monotonous routine of going to work early in the morning, returning home late evening and then going to bed? Aren’t you getting bored off your droning lifestyle?

The Power of Government Grants

There are government grants available for everything from starting a business to going to college. This article focuses on the power of money from the government.

How Much $ Do You Really Need to Retire?

“Too little money makes people desperate; too much money makes people greedy” – Aristotle

Avoiding a Financial Crisis – How to Keep Your Small Business Alive

Having a superb product, soaring sales and stupendous customer service are undoubtedly some of the things which go into making a successful business. But all of this is irrelevant if you suffer a financial crisis. Learn what steps you take to stave off disaster.

Discover Money Saving Techniques You Can Use Today

The trick with saving money is changing your buying habits. Here Discover the six easiest ways for saving money every day of your life. No, you won’t be required to rob a bank or steal some gas.

Bad Credit Mastercards – Build a Good Credit History

A good credit history is very important in today’s society. Here are tips to building a good credit history using a bad credit Mastercard.

The Rich Look like Beggars, and the Beggars Look like Kings

If you saw my father on a normal day, you’d feel sorry for him. You’d think he was a beggar. But he’s not. He’s one of the wealthiest and fastest growing landowners in northern Mississippi.

Is Transferring Ownership to Employees a Good Idea?

Employers should consider all implications before transferring any ownership interest in the business to employees. Sharing ownership with your employees can create numerous new problems. These problems stem from the new relationships you would have to maintain with the new co-owners. By transferring ownership to employees, you grant new rights to the employees beyond profit sharing.

Financing a New Business with Home Equity

If a small business owner owns their home, they can tap a the equity that they have built in there home in order to finance their new business.

Bringing Financial Services Online

The internet is a perfect system for laying out preliminary information in the financial services industry, where product options can get complicated fairly quickly. Learn how to best take advantage of this powerful tool.

What is Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

The Romans were the first civilization to sell promissory notes at a discount, beginning the industry of factoring. America was built largely on the possibilities of factoring, when colonial businesses were factored by Europeans willing to invest cash in exchange for the promise of large returns, and government bonds also use the same principles applied by businesses when they engage in invoice factoring.

Sacrificing Long Term Value Creation for Short Term Profits!

In today’s corporate environment, professional corporate finance needs are increasing steadily. Major factors include the capital markets need for transparency in financial reporting and increasingly strict regulatory requirements. The need to fully comply with regulatory requirements can have numerous significant implications for an organization.

Cycles, Trends and the Pause Formation

Knowing when to expect the market to produce a top or bottom is only the beginning. Like any tool, the more you know about what to expect the better you will be in finding the really good trades, those with low risk and high profit potential. This article on the PAUSE formation provides cycle turn date traders with additional insight into taking advantage of expected market tops and bottoms.

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