$200B LOST as Crypto Bloodbath Continues (Bitcoin Down 12% in a Week)

What Are Come Causes Of Financial Failure For Businesses And Individuals Alike?

Small businesses and individuals have a lot in common. Individuals actually have their own small business even if they have a real job. Their business is a service business and they sell their services to their employers. They need all the skills business have and may experience the same mistakes…

Deposit Guaranty

Regardless of changes in interest rates or swap rates between the dollar and euro, each banker is aware that banks for centuries actually work with a base currency: consumer confidence. Any disturbance of the market in financial services could lead to withdrawal of resources and undermine and even threaten the survival of even those companies that have no direct statement of the crisis.

Double Glazing Money Saving Tips

Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate. This is where the biggest saving will come whether it is a small local company, one man band or large national company; beat them up on price never take the first, second or even third offer. Most salespeople work on commission only which is between 10%-15%of the job value. Haggling also works with trade counters!

Is a Collection Agency Or a Lawyer the Best Way to Collect Debts?

In today’s economy, it has become easy for many people to get a little behind on their bills. While many companies are willing to work with clients to establish a payment plan everyone is comfortable with, there comes a time when every business simply needs their money.

Interest Bearing Checking Account – What to Look For

There are a couple of things you should know when looking for an interest bearing checking account. Banks offer a few basic services. The two most common categories of services are non-transactional and transactional.

Financial Translations

The world we live in never goes by a day without money changing hands. As the result of this demand for money, it has created an industry that caters solely on trading money. Financial Translations helps to explain why it is important to get a professional translator for your financial documents.

3 Reasons Why You Are Smarter Than Most Professional Economists

Now, can you recognize the difference between getting your money’s worth or not? You can? Then evidently you know more about economics than most professional and academic economic advisors-just look around at the results!

Free Money

Have you ever heard of such a thing called as, ‘Free moneys?’ Do you think that in times like these, there could be something called as “Free Missing Moneys?”

Three Steps to Eliminate Your Credit Card Debts

Credit card debts rank high up there in the list of stressors of modern living. Yet, according to some experts, having a certain amount of credit balance is not totally a bad thing since the purchases we have made using these cards are necessary ones.

High Interest Bank Accounts – What Everyone is Looking For

The craze today is opening high interest bank account. Here are a few reasons why they make so much sense.

Open a Current Account For Your Banking Transactions!

Demand account or Transactional account is also known as current account. You can have your business account, student accounts or joint account combined with other accounts with similar features and terms.

Financial Entertainers – Do They Practice What They Preach?

It’s scary when many people this day and age rely on TV hosts for their financial information. What is really scary is that these financial entertainers in many cases don’t give the same advice that they are doing themselves. Isn’t it time to move from learning from our TV’s and move towards a more holistic approach using critical thinking?

An Attempt to Save Our Petty Cash

It’s difficult for us to save money when we’re not even sure where we’re spending it. According to a survey done by Visa, we spend an average of $21 a week that we cannot account for, which adds up to about $1,000 a year. So, where does our petty cash go?

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