Six Tips to Stay Debt Free

Remember when everything was cash and we didn’t have credit cards. Credit cards at first were a great invention, no longer did we need to carry wads of money around, we can bring out a layer of plastic where our money resided. This also had a negative effect where we didn’t know how much we spent and many people went into debt. This article has tips on ways to stay debt free.

The Birds, the Bees and the Bonds?

A bond is a contractual arrangement where one party lends money to another, at a fixed rate of interest, and a mutually-agreed schedule for payments of interest and the loaned amount. I have an uncanny feeling that the time is now upon us to “talk” about bonds. Last week’s “wake-up” call means it is time to focus on your bond investments and time to brush up on the birds and the bees and the… bonds.

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Thieves?

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personally identifying information, like your name, social security number, or credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. Such thefts are becoming very common. This article details on the things you can do to deter identity thieves by safeguarding your information.

Get Free Donations Online For People Who Need Money Help

As everybody knows, people nowadays are tight on cash especially because of the state that the economy is currently in. Even though everyone would like to have an easy way to get some extra money, they can’t seem to find a way.

You May Still Have Time To Receive Your Remortgage Or Secured Loan This Year

There are so many sales offered by all sorts of retailers,holiday companies, etc. that it is a wise move for people to have funds available to enable them to take advantage of these bargains. Although it is the start of December, there is still enough time to arrange a remortgage or a ecured loan to raise the money needed for this.

The Simplest Way to Choose the Best ULIP Plan!

Dear Readers, this article will help you in choosing the best of the best ULIP Regular premium plans available in the industry as of now. The parameters needs to be considered while choosing a ULIP are explained below so that you should not be miss-leaded or cheated by any insurance agent or sales person. Also, I advice all my readers to have an eye on all these parameters based on the information provided on the company printed brochure only, as the chances of agents or sales people printing their own sales support promotional materials which normally talks only about the benefits but not the demerits of the product.

Merchant Cash Advance – The Financing Option for Businesses

Merchant Cash Advance is a financing system available these days to small and medium organizations. It answers these companies’ need for immediate capital infusion sans the common hassle often encountered when applying for loans from traditional providers like banks.

Forget Returns!

One of the least significant statistics of any manager or trading system is its returns. Returns alone tell investors nothing about the risk required to reach those returns. For example, how do we know if a 100% return is good or bad?

Express Yourself With Designer Bank Checks

You could add class and spunk to your financial dealings by getting designer bank checks and even address labels. There is a multitude of designs and options from the renowned and trusted check printing companies that would satisfy your whims when it comes to writing checks.

The Difference Between Bridging Loans And Bridging Finance

Bridging finance, as the name itself suggests, helps in creating a bridge between two transactions. But such kind of loan is very much able to serve the financial needs of a property developer whether taken for first charge or second charge account. Closed loans have a fixed date by which the loans need to be repaid in full.

Saving Money As A Student

Being a college student costs money, there is student loans, rent and not to mention a social life. Here are some tips to lighten your load.

How To Save Money During The Holidays

The holidays are expensive, it is a fact. But here are some tips for making them less expensive. The holiday season does not have to run you dry.

How To Save Money During The Holidays

The holidays are and expensive time. Money seems to float away with all the fun to be had. Here are some tips to saving money during the holidays.

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