#1 REASON Why RUSSIA Legalized Bitcoin (Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Isn’t DEAD!)

A Few Reasons for You to Take to Gold Trading

Gold is a precious metal that has a great demand in every single country of the world. Most countries both rich and poor have their own gold reserves that are being used as buffers against inflation.

Learning To Live Without

Many Americans are debt happy and purchasing more than they need. Two types of people will define America in the next decade.

Chinese Paper Torture

The latest folly from the ‘powers that be’ can be surmised from two recently floated ‘trial balloons’. The first balloon is a quote from The Economist; “The idea that central banks might cancel their government debt, or restructure them into zero coupon debt, is gaining traction.”

Economic Stability

To paraphrase F. A. Hayek; an economic system based on central planning cannot possibly work, because any central planner would need to have information about all transactions going on in the economy… as well as ‘intelligence’ to use this torrent of information to make economic decisions… and such knowledge and such ‘intelligence’ is impossible.

The Facts About Credit Repair Companies That You Need To Know

Credit repair companies are having a field day with the current state of the economy. People that are laden with debt due to a job loss are taking advantage of this service. Others are being bombarded with telephone calls and mail offers to do the same. Before considering this kind of option, there are some things you should know.

Ways To Compare Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance is important for all working people, particularly those with a family and particularly those with dept (such as a mortgage). Deciding on the right insurance provider is a task that can feel particularly daunting. However, don’t despair there are easy ways to compare Income Protection Insurance policies.

Understanding Success in Forex Trading

For traders to succeed in Forex, they have to develop certain skills and enrich their experience to become confident, decisive, and successful in the long run. While a big percentage of traders do not reach the success they are looking for in Forex, which does not mean they should give up so easily. Here are some helpful hints on how traders can avoid common errors, and make sure they enjoy the experience of earning a good sum of money by trading.

Protect Your Investments

According to a study a couple of years ago, the unregulated spot Forex transactions had been estimated at around $3 trillion. The spot Forex market is highly unregulated and since it is over the counter, there are no promises of accountability, and the issues pertaining to Forex scams rise by the second.

The Death of Block Trading – Preference or Availability?

A block trade is a privately negotiated transaction that meets or exceeds a predetermined minimum exchange threshold volume of shares outside the open markets. Aside from penny stocks, a typical block trade is either stock worth $10,000 shares or bonds worth $200,000; although in some cases a block trade can be much larger number between trading parties.

Can It Be Done?

Best Execution is a risky business. There are laws and standards that a Broker, Trader, or Firm must live up to in addition to satisfying a customer. So, when dealing in Non-Equity Asset Classes, where the profits aren’t easily standardized or measured, what rule can one really follow? For most instances FINRA (Rule 5310) covers the bases, but Firms are made of people, and a lot of Trading is Automated. People research the market and follow policy. Computers only follow instructions.

Algorithmic Trading Depends on High Speed

Over five or six years, algorithmic trading has managed to completely revolutionize the way the stock market works. There was not a lot of high speed activity found in 2007 or 2008 when the housing bubble was about to pop, but in 2010 the world of high speed algorithmic trading was really taken to the next level. This kind of trading has really gotten out of hand on most of the US stock exchange, and the general activity of trading on the stock market has become rather erratic. The main advantage of using algorithmic trading bots is that it helps large investment firms make trades at a faster rate than the general public.

Now Is the Time to Invest in Property As Rents Hit Record High

The conditions are currently perfect for expanding a property portfolio. New figures from a leading buy to let index show that rents in the UK hit a new high in September 2012 as the demand for rental properties continues to remain strong.

Why We’re Caring Less About Our Children’s Inheritance

Many people considering retirement will be planning to sell their family home, pay off their large mortgage and use the cash to fund a good lifestyle. Attitudes have changed within the current generation with regards to leaving an inheritance to their children.

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