$1.5 Billion BITCOIN Dumped!! (Most Brutal Bear Market Ahead!)

US Inflation Rate Rises As Food and Energy Costs Increase

Last month the United States inflation rose a startling 5.6%, the first time it has rose that fast in 17 years. With this number also came a 0.8% rise in the consumer-price index, showing consumers the effect of the increase in cost for food, energy, clothing and airfare. In the previous month there was a 1.1% rise that accompanied a 0.3% rise in core inflation (excludes food and energy). This is a significant rise of 2.5% from the previous year and well surpasses the Federal Agency’s “comfort zone” of 1.5% – 2.0%.

Some Great Tips on How to Save Money Part 2

Whenever you have friends over dinner, have them share recipes. Let each family bring along some dish, and enjoy a great weekend sharing each other’s cooking. You can save a lot of money that way.

The Real Difference Between Credit Unions and Banks

Credit unions certainly have fewer locations and are less common than banks. That doesn’t mean that they offer services of a lower quality, though. Consider the advantages offered by credit unions to understand what differences there are between them and traditional banks.

ATM Card Fraud – The Dangers and How to Prevent It

In the past week I have heard of two people locally getting “skimmed” at ATM machines and having their accounts cleared, so I said I would post a blog entry on the dangers of this and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Follow these few simple tips to make sure your hard earned cash stays where it belongs.

Are Bank Accounts With Lots of Cash Equal to Hearts of Gold?

Lets start it off by saying you have millions of dollars in the bank and you are a very business fulfilled individual. How much time to you actually spend at your home? Are you so busy working that you do not have time for anything but work and your work relationships, and maybe a round of golf or two.

We Need Extra Income

With the way the economy is, it’s no wonder thousands of people are flocking to the home business scene. Just be careful… you can’t follow your heart on this one, you better stick with your brain.

Is Your Financial Data Safe?

Due to a massive identity theft case tried in the US, the spotlight is firmly on the safety of our credit card system and our identity. Although this is a simple enough problem, the answer may be far from simple. A number of security companies dealing in the e-commerce, told recently in press conferences that card information for both credit and debit cards is vulnerable but that they are putting massive amounts of time and money into rectifying this.

Lawsuits and Cash Flow – A Common Problem

Ever wonder how attorneys who work on a contingency basis can afford to work for so many months, and sometimes years, without getting paid? The truth is, sometimes they can’t. While working on a contingency basis allows anyone regardless of their socio-economic status, to obtain justice when they’ve been wronged, personal injury lawyers often bear the financial burden of having to fund all expenses associated with their case, such as filing fees, expert witness fees, etc. Understandably, this can strain the attorney’s cash flow.

Security Analysis For a Focused Portfolio – A Review of Philosophy

In light of the recent nonsystemic risks that have developed, particularly in the banking, brokerage and real estate industries, it’s important to review your investing philosophy and research strategies. The following bullet points list my very thorough and focused ideology for reducing nonsystemic risk (business risk) in determining whether to buy/sell common stocks: * Check the short interest and kinds and volume of option writing/buying/selling. Does it indicate that investors on the other side of the trade have a widely dissenting opinion from yours?

Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is a centuries-old practice that is incessantly marking its significance in not only the Eastern but also the Western states. So what exactly is this practice that has captivated the interest of millions across the globe and is gaining continuous recognition? Islamic finance is the process through which the financial conglomerates in the Muslim world inclusive of their banks and further loan giving financial organizations raise their capital in agreement to the Islamic rules and regulations that are called as the “Shari’ah”.

The Samurai and the Lending Agent

The Samurai Song (Robert Pinsky) captures the Samurai’s outlook on life. It describes an attitude of simple living and high thinking, of living for the spirit and finding satisfaction within his own self. The Samurai exemplifies a Spartan life, a life of doing without and yet maintaining his high spirits.

How to Measure Finance Strength of Online Banking Companies

The objectives set help determine the strength of an online banking company. How to measure finance should be embedded inside these said objectives.

Impulse Spending Will Sink You Deeper Into Debt

Ever notice anything you do not need in your Store or Closet? Have check your credit card statement and notice that will take you years to pay your debt? Read this articles, you need to stop impulse spending to have a rewarding life.

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