$1.1 Billion BITCOIN Loss! + Elon Musk Pumping NFTs on Twitter

Disasters Don’t Pause For Recessions

The economy is affecting most Americans. Unfortunately, disasters continue to happen and theft is on the rise. Now, more than ever, it’s important to be able to maximize an insurance claim.

Globalization and the Rise of Monopolization Speeds Economic Failure

The current trend toward monopolization is resulting from commercial partnership with nations and companies that do not hold relative economic views. It is nearly impossible to prevent monopolization is such a climate, and thus, the foundation of capitalism is crumbling.

Forex Forecasting Methods and Patterns Used by Forex Pros

This Article will outline the technical analysis and fundamental analysis used by professional forex traders to land huge profits in forex trading. This Article provides insight into the two major methods of analysis used to forecast the behavior of the forex market.

Search For Unclaimed Money and Property in Your Name

Americans are urged to search for unclaimed money and property in their names and family names. Time restraints apply to some states, so it is urgent for many to search as soon as possible and several times per year. Conducting a search for missing money by name is quite easy when using each states official databases.

Online Money Management – Basic Necessity For Financial Managers!

For an efficient manager, the primary question is not about managing business, but it’s about managing funds. One who knows how to manage funds will find a way to manage business but one who does not know will succumb to failure. With loads of financial transactions taking place in the daily routine of the business, it becomes a mind boggling task to handle finance.

Offshore Banking Jurisdiction – The Essential Guide

There are facts you deserve to know before opening an offshore account. Read the Essential Guide to find out.

When is it Time For a Life Settlement?

Times aren’t looking good. The economy is in shambles. Families are in shambles. The cost of living is increasing every single day and our pockets are emptied than they have been in a long time. For the elderly these times are even harder for than most in our great country. With more medical expenses and hospital stays to take care of, less and less money can be put towards basics needs like food and housing.

Treat the Threat of Economic Turmoil

Friday’s US payroll figures were ugly by any measure, with the reported loss of 240,000 jobs slightly worse than expected. The worse data point to come out was actually the downwards revision to Septembers payroll figures, which pushed September payrolls down from -159,000 to -284,000. This means that so far in 2008, over 1 million jobs have been lost, most of these have been in the financial sector but the slump is prevalent in virtually every US sector.

EMI’s – Not a Nightmare Any More!

Necessity is the mother of all inventions and inventions in return give birth to new technologies. Humans are one of a kind who can’t resist using the evolving technology as it raises the standard of living. Everyone wants to use the latest gizmos whether these are mobiles, I-pods, laptops etc.

Planning Retirement

The sooner you start thinking about your retirement the more time you will have to prepare. Estimate your retirement needs. Establish your very own financial strategy. Learn about your options.

True Or False – High Income = High Wealth

Do you think making more money means having more wealth? Many people do because it seems logical that high income would translate to high wealth. This is not true!

Be the Mortgage Lender Through Virgin Money

One way that you may be able to sell your home is by offering the financing yourself. This is not as risky as it sounds, thanks to a new web site that has opened up called ‘Virgin Money USA’. Virgin has streamlined a way for ordinary people to arrange loans and it is all explained online in their ‘Guide to Seller Mortgages’.

Lower Interest Rates – What Do They Mean to You?

The fact that the Bank of England (BOE) has slashed interest rates by 1.5% to 3%, I think shows how worried they are about the British economy. In a Bloomberg survey of 60 economists, nobody had predicted such a large cut in one go. You would be forgiven for wondering what the reasoning behind this decision is when inflation has reached over 5%, and the BoE are supposed to target 2%. However, the BOE are looking ahead 24 months, and the outlook for next year is very different with inflation expected to fall.

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