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Japanese Yen and the Dollar Benefit From Rise in Risk Aversion

An increase in risk aversion has hit global markets and seen safe haven flows benefit the JPY and to a lesser extent the USD. See the factors that are affecting these and other currency pairs as the market focus shifts from risk appetite to risk aversion.

Why New Traders Lose – Avoid a Common Mistake

Many new traders enter the Forex market ill prepared to handle the lure of quick profits using high leverage without understanding the importance of proper money management. As a result, too many see their capital wiped out without a chance to develop their skills. This article alerts traders to a common pitfall that can be avoided through the use of proper money management.

The Most Crucial Forex Foreign Currency Exchange Tip

If the headline has caught your attention and you have begun to read this article, it means you know something about Forex, also sometimes referred to as Foreign Currency Exchange. Foreign currency exchange or forex trading covers markets of most countries with general platforms for currency exchange operations in London, Tokyo and New York.

Top 5 Reasons of Forex Traders’ Failures

As a forex trader or someone who like to learn to trade forex, you may have already read and heard that more than 95% of those who start trying forex, just lose money and then give up and only 5% succeed to become a profitable forex trader. This is a shocking and disappointing news, specially for those who like to become a forex trader. However, if you know why 95% of forex trading learners fail and give up, you can be among the 5% of the learners who become good traders.

Scenarios a Forex Options Seller Faces in the Foreign Exchange Market

In Forex options trading, if you have a Forex option in your possession and at the time it expires, its spot strike price is lower than the strike price of the currency’s call option, then your option becomes worthless. The strike price is then said to be “out-of-the-money”. A Forex option in this state is a losing option, and both the buyer and seller of the option have no further obligations to each other.

Understanding the Forex Option Formula

A trader would only be able to make the most out of forex options if he or she is successful in understanding how it actually works. Without the right knowledge about forex options, a trader would never go beyond the first real step in trading.

Forex Option – Calculating Option Prices

When engaged in Forex Option and option trading, the premium that the buyer tenders to the seller is automatically computed according to certain formulas. There are different factors that affect the price of an option and the rate of the premium.

Forex Robot – The Bot is Every Traders New Best Friend Because it is Effective

If you are involved in Forex trading, you need to know why the Forex robot is every trader’s best friend these days. The bot has helped make Forex trading much easier and more profitable for anyone. Learn more about this now to see if this is a way you can use to make money for your family.

Forex Trading With the Trend – The Importance

There are many important things that you have to know about trading the forex market. Things like don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose, use proper money management, demo trade first, etc… But very high on that list is that “the trend is your friend”. I know it’s cliche but it’s absolutely true.

The Trading Holy Grail – Is There Such a Thing?

If I could wish there was one phrase that would be taken out of the vocabulary of most forex traders it would be the “holy grail”. I cringe whenever I hear it. Every trader in the world is looking for it. It’s really quite absurd when you think about it. It’s the equivalent of the fountain of youth.

Forex Trading With Support and Resistance

When most traders hear the phrase support and resistance, I think many of them instantly think about those indicators that you put on your charts that automatically put those pivot lines for you. I don’t blame you if that is what you instantly think of. But all these lines are just static formulas.

Forex Trading Tips – Do Not Over Demo

When traders are just starting out, they can always use some forex trading tips. My tip has to do with demoing. It’s always a wise decision (especially when you are just first starting out) to demo. That goes without saying. After all, trading is brand new to you, and want to test it out first. That being said, some traders go WAY overboard.

Techniques That Can Turn a Few Forex Pips Into Big Bucks

To succeed in Forex Trading you need to be familiar with some techniques in Forex trading that works and set it in a strategy you’ll benefit with. Below are some of the most popular and proven techniques as well as the ones need not do in order to win.

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