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Flexible Spending Accounts Explained

I am amazed at how many people are given the opportunity to contribute to a company Flexible Spending Account but choose not to do it because they don’t understand what it is or how it works. Just one warning before you read: By the time you finish reading, you are going to kick yourself for never contributing in the past. It’s OK, you didn’t know.

Savings Accounts – How to Save Faster

The days of the buy now, pay later economy are no longer making sense. It’s time to get out of debt and start saving for the big items you really want. Find out how to put your savings growth in the fast lane and get the things you really want soon.

Government Grant Application

There are a lot of people who are fed up with having to pay about thirty-five dollars upfront for the administration of government grant application forms. There are a lot of different scams that are being operated and they can easily be found when looking for government grants.

$100 Billion Added to Free Grant Money

The government has been flushing more and more money into the free grant money programs in order to stimulate the economy, and now is the time to claim some of these funds. Just as you’ve seen with the tax rebate checks, this is cash that you receive and don not have to repay. There are hundreds of grant programs for various purposes, such as to pay off your debt, go back to school, or to start your own business.

Government Grants For Minority Business Owners and Students

With over $700 billion in grant money available, a large portion of these funds are being made available for minority small business owners and students. Since the government’s main objective with these grants is to stimulate the economy, their main focus is on the things that will create revenue. Providing free grant money is a good investment for them, and an outstanding financing option for minorities.

What is a Bank Run?

Bank Runs occur when many depositors queue up to withdraw money from the bank at the same time. If a lot of depositors want their money back, the bank may end up being unable to pay any investors at all.

Top 3 Reports Every Business Owner and Investor Must Have

A question I commonly hear is what reports should I use for my businesses and investments? I have several customized reports I use, but today, I’m going to share the 3 standard reports I use – these are reports that can be pulled from my accounting software. I use QuickBooks but these reports are standard in all accounting software packages.

Free Grant Money For Women and Minorities

The billions of dollars in women minority grants that is being provided by the government is finally catching some steam. It took a while for America to realize this is indeed free money that never has to be paid back, and now millions of people are asking for these funds.

How to Get a Grant – Learn How to Apply Government Grants

Grant money is a great alternative to the bank and other organizational loans. But probably many people tend to ignore the great opportunity of grant money that can be obtained easily. And a great benefit of this sort of money is that the receiver of benefit will not have to pay back the amount as is the rule for loans.

Why CFP Professionals Must Take Vital Strategic Steps to Survive – And What Are They?

Here is the key to a successful strategy as a CFP professional in a recessionary economy. Where business is declining and growth of your firm is difficult, your management must have precision. There are certain strategic steps that are required to survive. Find out what they are.

The Greatest Free Money Opportunity Today

You’ve heard in the news about the millions of families getting help from the government to pay off their mortgage. There’s also millions of students getting their college paid for, entrepreneurs getting free money to start their business or make their invention, and those who want help paying their bills are even getting their hands of the free money available.

Credit Crunch Springs Back Into Action

After taking some time off between Christmas and New Year, the credit crunch was well and truly back in action last week. Fears over further banking problems and sovereign debt downgrades for the likes of Ireland and Greece surfaced last month, but until now, these fears have merely been simmering in the background.

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