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Hot Share Tips

It’s official! Australia is the largest nation of shareholders with direct share ownership more than doubling since 1997 to 40.6 per cent. That figure rises to 54 per cent of all adult Australians when managed funds are taken into account.

The Basics of Money

Money is anything widely used for paying debts owed by a person to someone else and also for receiving the payments of debts owing to a person from someone else. A country produces coins and banknotes, (accepted by everyone) for the payment of bills and for the receipt of money owing.

Banks and Money

Banks are essential to any country’s economy as well as the world economy. The function of banks is to administer the funds given to their care and using it to make a profit.

Rate Tarts No Longer Welcomed By Mortgage And Credit Card Providers

UK financial providers impose measures to reduce switching activities by consumers.

Like it or Not, Finance Matters, a Lot

Finance. We hear that word thrown around quite a bit, but you may be surprised, however, just how many people have no real idea what is meant by finance. In fact, it’s safe to say that much of America has a better fix on the goings on inside the Big Brother house than they do on what happens at the Federal Reserve! This is sad, but true.

Why Asia Owns America

Curtis Arnold is the country’s leading authority on inflation and a best-selling financial author reveals why Asia owns America…

Alternative Venture Finance – Shell Corporations

A shell corporation is a company that is incorporated but has no significant assets or operations. These corporations may be formed as an alternative venture financing mechanism.

Debtors’ Payments: Fuzzy Approach to Planning

For any B2B company, one of the major concerns is the control over the payments of the non-bank debtors, i.e. the payments resulting from sales of goods and/or services. However, we are living in a REAL world, which means that, inevitably, there are delays in debtors’ payments. Effective planning of these delays is the key to successful financial management. From our viewpoint, the best way to solve this issue is to use the so-called “fuzzy approach”, which is based on the fuzzy set theory, originally suggested by L. Zadeh. Here, we suggest a ready-to-use principle of forecasting debtors’ payments, basing on the fuzzy approach…

Alliance Turning Towards the Financial Dark Side

Financial industry cutting costs at expense of high street savers

Legal Financing: New Niche for Financial Services

How to finance a lawsuit is not common knowledge among the general populace, much less among the legal field as a whole. Pre-settlement lawsuit financing is a relatively new phenomenon in the finacial services sector that is a little over six years old.

South South Cooperation And Regional Integration: The Way Out Of Underdevelopment

Facing the challenge of globalisation, in an unfair and inhumane competition african countries and other third world countries have to organise.

Government Grant Writing for Beginners

β€˜Grant writing’ as the name suggests is the writing of a grant in order to raise grant or funds for one’s organization or project.

Self-Employment-Managing Your Money: Tips for Living with a Fluctuating Cash Flow (Part Two)

Part Two: The way you manage your money is one of the first things you’ll change when you move from employment to self-employment. You are moving from an environment where you received income in equal amounts at set intervals to one where your income fluctuates. Managing money in such circumstances is both unfamiliar and uncomfortable for most of us. These are some tips I developed from my experience of 10+ years of self-employment.

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