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Animal Spirits

Our system of capitalism is not so much a rational process as it is the confluence of human desires to consume (or experience) and human capacities to produce. While the bounty of capitalism is truly awe-inspiring its power, being a human endeavor, must be suspect. ‘Capitalism does not automatically produce what people really need; it produces what they think they need, and are willing to pay for.’ To prosper we must harness animal spirits.

What Bond Types Should You Buy for Income?

Investment income generally comes from debt (or loan) instruments – like bonds. Before deciding on what type of debt instrument you’ll use to generate your invested retirement income, you should know their characteristics. Here’s a quick overview.

Signs Point To Slowing Australian Housing Market

There are a number of indicators across the continent pointing to a slowdown of the Australian housing market. At least this is what a recently released report says. The bi-annual report was developed from a survey of 26,000 bank customers by JPMorgan and Fujitsu.

Retirement And Savings, The Secret To Becoming An Automatic Millionaire

We are all facing retirement someday and savings and investing are the keys to becoming a millionaire. But people come to me all the time and say it is impossible to save money and pay themselves first. They truly believe that they don’t have the money. The truth is that they really don’t know where they are spending their money or have never really thought about whether they should be buying all those little items they buy every day.

Medical Accounts Receivable Factoring – Serving The Unique Needs Of The Healthcare Industry

Specifically designed for health care industry, medical accounts receivable factoring offers a great help to health-care facilities by immediately supplying them the required cash flow for their smooth operation. Let us understand in detail about this type of accounts receivable factoring…

The Financial Literacy Quiz: What’s Your Financial Literacy?

An annual Financial Literacy Quiz helps people learn more about financial reporting and find additional business financial educational opportunities. Questions address a sample of basic elements of the financial reporting process and oversight of finance issues.

Finance Education for Bank and Credit Union Directors: Lending Is a Risky Business

Directors of banks and credit unions have a ‘duty of care.’ They cannot delegate this duty to management nor to other directors. In this article you’ll learn the seven risks you must understand and monitor. And answer three questions to assess the current state of your ‘finance’ education.

Why Every Baby Boomer Should Be Worried

Baby boomers – those born between January 1946 and December 1964 – comprise roughly 80 million people in the USA. There were similar “baby booms” in other Western countries following World War II. The US boomer generation has a net worth estimated to be as much as $56 trillion, or $700,000 per household.

EMV Kernels – A History of Chip and PIN

Better known as Chip and PIN devices, EMV Kernels have become a familiar and largely ubiquitous part of modern life. For many of us under the age of 25, the previous system of swiping and signing seems like a distant and dated experience. While we now take them for granted, it is easy to forget the brilliance behind the technology. So let’s take a look under the bonnet of an EMV Kernel.

How To Find The Best Accounts Receivable Factoring Company?

Choosing the best accounts receivable factoring company may be one of the crucial steps in business that you can take. You business cash flow liquidity and ultimately your long term profitability can very well be affected by the decision.

Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies – A Great Means To Solve Your Cash Flow Crunch

During times of cash scarcity, you can get the assistance of accounts receivable factoring companies. This will aid you to maintain the necessary cash flow to run your business operations smoothly. Let us see different parameters taken into account by these companies before offering you receivable factoring.

How to Determine Which IRA You Should Contribute To

As you approach retirement, you may still be contributing to an IRA plan. Both your income and whether or not you (or your spouse) have a qualified plan associated with work will determine which of the three IRA types – the traditional (deductible) IRA, the non-deductible IRA, and the Roth IRA – you should contribute to. However, when circumstances occur that give you a choice of contributing to two or more IRAs, here’s how to decide what to do.

How Can Retirees Benefit From a Weakening Dollar?

Since June 2010, the dollar has been weakening with respect to the euro. The euro is the currency of countries in the European Union and because of that it, carries a good deal of weight in global economics. In June 2010 alone, one euro started out costing $1.26 and has more or less risen to $1.46 as of April 2011. What does this mean to retirees and travelers – and how can they benefit?

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