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Which Checking Account Is Right for You?

In today’s local banking environment which is influenced by global economic demands financial decisions have never seemed so complicated. In an economy that seems to be on a roller coaster ride without end, each person needs to look at their bank to see if they are getting the services they need. Your first step is to decide what kind of financial services you need. For those seeking simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice opportunities to save money and build wealth, choosing the right checking account is an imperative.

Refinancing Your Home – Is It a Smart Choice?

If you currently have a mortgage, would you think about refinancing your home? Well, some might argue that there can be no need. However, there are a few others who would totally go for such an option.

The American Saver Is Now the American Poor

In a recent effort to encourage spending by consumers, the Federal Reserve promised to hold short-term interest rates near zero at least through mid-2013. A plan to lower long-term rates followed suit in September. Unfortunately these lower rates make it harder for savers to hold onto their cash and still beat inflation.

What Will Happen to Bank Fees in the Future?

What will happen to bank fees in the future? Merchant Banks are now generating considerable revenue and profits by charging fees to both end consumers or account holders and to merchants who want to offer payment services to their customers. This article seeks to gaze into the crystal ball (as far as this is possible of course) and consider what the future might hold for merchant bank fees of all kinds.

Unexpected Places That Your Money Is Hiding

Many of us struggle to save because we can’t seem to find enough money to set aside that isn’t already designated for other costs. You know you should be saving more, but how?

4 Must Have Priorities to Get Your Financial House in Order

Most of us know that our finances are one of the most neglected areas in our lives. A lot of us don’t get involved with our finances any more than absolutely necessary because it’s kind of intimidating and sometimes boring.

What Is a Financial Blueprint?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘blueprint’? I think of a plan.

Getting the Services of a Chief Financing Officer

You are making the right decision if you acquire the services of a CFO for hire during your company’s expansion period. Expanding your business is an exciting but very challenging phase, since you have to monitor a lot of things.

CFO: The Tasks Related to Quantity and Quality

Some people think that CFO consulting is just an additional company expense. This service is needed by every company, regardless of its size, since it secures business growth and survival. Do not think that Chief Financing Officers (CFO) just stay in the background, computing and safekeeping numerical records. Their task has already evolved. CFOs do not only work on quantities; they also assure your company’s quality.

Don’t Let Your Six-Month Review Turn Into Window Dressing

A six-month review of your new financial planning investment services program is an essential element in its long-term success. A quick discussion at the partner meeting will not get at the real issues. The review needs to be a serious project with a commitment to address any issues discovered.

Wealth Creation Lessons for Engaged Couples

Becoming engaged also marks the beginning of a commitment to a secure financial future. This wealth creation article teaches couples how to start building their nest egg.

What Part Time CFO Services Can Do for Your Company

Money can be considered the blood of a business. It enables all the departments to function to let the business survive. Money is needed to establish a business and gaining more of it is why a business is put up.

CFO Services for Your Business’s Financial Needs

Running a business is a challenging task; a lot of businesses have a hard time surviving because of their more established competitors. There are so many things to keep in mind. The customers have to be satisfied and maintained. Competent staff must be hired. Of course, the finances must be managed well.

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